Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wow - I'm surprised

One thing I know I need to do, but always balk at, is making a muslin. I just want to get right to it. But, with pants, they never seem to fit right, so a muslin is always in order. One of my goals this year is to find a great fitting pants pattern.

Around Christmas, I heard an interview with Connie Crawford on the Sew Forth Now podcast. For some reason that I don't remember now, it inspired me to buy this pattern. I have had it in my stash for quite some time. I kind of got disinterested in making them since most of Connies patterns are designed for plus and plus plus size women. I didn't want to have to mess around with the fit (like I ever have the opportunity to NOT mess around with fit on pants!) Anyway, I'd remembered that the instructions sounded simple and so did the fit advice. I made a muslin cutting straight from my hip size. I did taper in to my waist size at the waist, and added 1 inch to the top as the pattern suggested. I made up the muslin and couldn't believe it, they fit perfectly! Well, as perfectly as a muslin can. I marked my waist line on the muslin and then adjusted the pattern accordingly. I don't know why I always hate to make the muslin. It didn't take very long since I already had muslin on hand, marked with a marker directly on the fabric and cut with a rotary cutter. I need to get a better attitude about muslins!

Anyway, I'm very pleased with the fit and am going to cut out the pants tonight. I did try on the muslin again this afternoon just to be sure and am pretty happy with the fit. I'm surprised I did not have to make any adjustments to the crotch curve, inner thigh, or darts. I MAY let out the crotch curve just 1/4 inch at the butt because the muslin was a bit snug there. I've had some green "travel linen" from FSG in my stash that needs to be used, so they will be the first pair of pants from this pattern. They are the perfect compliment for the blouse I made last weekend.


Ann Made Studio said...

That is great to get a fit with little adjustments. Look forward to seeing your pants made up.

Elaray said...

I've read mixed reviews about Connie Crawford patterns. I'm glad your pants fit so well. The blouse fabric is fantastic! I would have bought that, too!

gwensews said...

I must buy that pattern. I've been to several of Connie's seminars but have yet to make any of her patterns, even though I have a few. I use the Palmer/Pletsch method of pant fitting, using their book and any pant pattern.

Now you can have all the pants you want. Good for you!

Little Hunting Creek said...

Fits almost perfectly? You'e found the holy grail of pants patterns!

Linda T said...

When I get lucky with a good fit like you have done....I do the Snoopy happy dance all around the sewing room! Congrats!