Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blouse progress

I had forgotten how much I love all the little details of BWOF.  This blouse is going together easily and I'm almost finished!  I basted in one sleeve, and now I realize that I will need to narrow the shoulders at least 1/2 inch.  As it is, I cut this blouse 2 sizes smaller in the shoulder than anywhere else.  I think everything else fits OK.  I'm done sewing for this evening, so I'll work on it tomorrow night hopefully.

And I'm really getting frustrated with Blogger.  For some reason, I can no longer control the size of images.  No matter what size I choose in the upload window, I still get extra large when bringing the picture in from Picassa.  If I bring it in from my computer, I can change the size, but then you can't click on it to make it larger.  ARghhhh!!!


Elaray said...

I like BWOF's little details, too. Sometimes, I don't see them until I study the drawings and patterns so they are pleasant little surprises.

Blogger is very idiosyncratic sometimes. Maybe the problem is with Picasa. I use Flickr and usually, usually things are okay.

gwensews said...

Looking good.

Little Hunting Creek said...

It looks good so far. I like that fabric, too.