Monday, February 09, 2009

Blouse #2

Yesterday I finished another version of BWOF 2-2007 #108.  OK, first of all, please excuse the hat hair. It was cold here this morning and I was wearing a hat. I didn't fix my hair to take these pictures! That being said, I basically made this blouse the same as the last, but this time just did a few fit adjustments.  I let out the sideseams a bit and this eliminated the pulling across the bust.  I also made the elastic in the arms about 1/2" longer, so they are a little more comfortable too.  I'm not sure I'm so happy with how high the collar is on this pattern.

 This fabric has a little more body that the one I used on the first version, and so the collar really stands up high.  I'm not sure if that is just the cut of the collar, or if I need to lower the neckline a little bit.  The one on the model looks like it lies down flat.  Since this blouse only has a partial stand, you can't make the blouse using just the stand and not the collar unless you design a new band.  You can, however, use binding around the neck instead of a collar for a different look.  I've made a few more adjustments on the pattern now, so I'd like to make this again in a long sleeve to see how the adjustments work out.
I'm not sure what to do about the collar.  I think I need to lower the neckline by about 1/4 inch all the way around and that might help.

Many of you know I have been planning a trip to Uganda.  I am scheduled to go at the end of next month, but now I'm not sure if I will be able to go or not.  One of the vaccines you have to take to go to Uganda is the Yellow Fever vaccine.  It is a live vaccine.  I have rheumatoid arthritis and have to take chemotherapy drugs in order to keep the disease from progressing.  You cannot take a live vaccine when you are taking immuno-suppresant drugs like methotrexate and rituxan.  You can, however, stop taking the drugs, and then get the vaccine after a certain waiting period, and then resume medications after another waiting period.  According to the CDC, I would have to wait 3 months.  According to the local travel health clinic, I would only have to wait 4 weeks, and therefore, be eligible to go because of when I stopped taking medications.  Of course, they are looking at selling me almost $700 worth of vaccines and medications for this trip, so of course they are going to tell me it is safe to go!  Anyway, I have a visit scheduled with my doctor tomorrow afternoon to discuss this and hopefully come to an appropriate decision.  If I do not get to go in March, I'm hoping to go this summer.  I really want to go, but not at the price of compromising my health.


cidell said...

Oh no!! Hmm, we have a local clinic that sells those shots. Can you check your hospital and see if they have a tropical disease center? That's who I refer people to. It's less than those clinics. I am SO EXCITED for you to do this. I hope you're able to do so but I totally understand where you are coming from.

Birgitte said...

I hope you get to go without compromising your health.
The second blouse is beautiful. Be careful about lowering the back neck because that's the first fitting point and could make the blouse slide down back there. Lowering the stand or lowering the front is probably a better idea if it feels to high.

Elaray said...

Oh, Nancy! I hope you get to go to Uganda! It sounds like such a wonderful opportunity.

Wow! Two BWOF blouses in quick succession! That's my girl!!!!! LOL

Little Hunting Creek said...

I love the blouse in the Asian fabric. It looks totally different from the first one. I hope you get to go to Uganda; it sounds so interesting!

Janene said...

I hope that you won't have to miss your opportunity to visit will be such a life changing experience! The shots are the worse thing about the trip - at least that is what I found when going to Tchad...well, maybe I can think of others, but who cares as it was so worth it. Hope your RA is doing better. Really cute blouse - good job.

Summerset said...

Very cute blouse - such a nice print, too.

Oh bummer! I hope this all works out for you, but your health is important and you'd never be able to go at all if things are done properly.

Donna W said...

One pattern and two entirely different looking blouses. Love them both.

Cennetta said...

I hope there is another alterative theory. I would love to go to Africa.

Cute blouses.