Sunday, February 01, 2009


If you have ever emailed me, or if I have ever emailed you, you probably got hit with some kind of malware today.  I got an email with the return address from myself and apparently it hit every address that has ever been in my email account.  I do not know where this came from, and I'm trying to check out both of my computers to find it.   I usually use a Mac, and I'm hoping the virus is not on this computer.  I also have a PC that I sometimes use (and my daughter has been using lately) so I'm assuming the virus is on that machine.  I do have NOrton, and am  currrently running other spyware programs on it to see if I can find anything.

Did any of you who got the email from me have it send out to your address book as well?  I'm just trying to figure out where this thing came from.  I did not even open the email before it started hitting all of my contacts.  arghhhhh!

I'm so sorry if this has hit your machine.