Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Another BWOF coming up

Thanks for all of the compliments on the white blouse. I am cutting out another one, this time out of a Japanese print I bought in Hawaii a couple of years ago. Since I got so many comments about the sleeves, I think I will be using the same sleeves on this version as well.

And check this out. My good friend, Maureen, takes awesome photographs and you can see some great pix of the town where I teach. I'm also a celebrity on her blog today. We have been friends for a long time (uh, we must have been infants to have been friends for so long LOL!)and have compared notes on everything from raising kids, food, theology, and politics to life in general. I know I could talk to her about anything and not have to worry about being judged in any way. Her husband is a pretty great guy too.

OK, gotta go, now, American Idol's on.


Elaray said...

You know I'm glad you're having such success with BWOF!!

Maureen said...

Love the material and your new template...sorry about the 'issues' you had switching over.

ps how do you get the photos so big?

Dr. Bennett said...

Love that fabric. Which BWOF?

Nancy Winningham said...

I just upload the photos medium size and that works. You can also click and drag your photos in the compose mode to make them bigger or smaller.
The blouse will be the same pattern as the one I just finished, frm Feb 2007