Friday, November 07, 2008

F is For

F is for FUR! If you watched even one episode of the Rachel Zoe Project, you know this woman lives her life in fur. But catch any winter runway show, style magazine, or fashion website, and you’ll be seeing or hearing about fur. Fur can be real or faux. But, as I’ve said before (obviously, I’m no animal rights activist), there’s nothing like the real thing for warmth. Now granted, even If I could go out and buy the real thing, I wouldn’t buy a new fur coat. But a vintage fur coat? I’d be all over that.

Fortunately for me, when we were cleaning out my father’s house ( a job still unfinished) I was able to get my great aunts fur coat. I don’t know what kind of fur it was, but I’m sure it was gorgeous when new. This had been stored in a back room with garage access out in the country for probably 20 years. Yes the garment bag came complete with a few dead mice (well, just their skeletons) and lots of crumbled up leather at the bottom. Fortunately, there is a lot of good fur there, and I’m hoping one day to tear it apart and make something of it.

And, as any good fashionista or seamstress knows, F is really about FIT. It doesn’t matter how well-made your garment is, how beautiful the fabric, how expensive the outfit, if it doesn’t fit right, it won’t look good. If you sew, invest in some good fit books or take a class or two on fit. There are lots of great fit books out there, and you just have to find one or two that work for you. My personal favorites are Sandra Betzinas Fast Fit, and Nancy Zeiman's Fitting Finesse. I have many others, but these are always the first I grab when I have a fit issue to resolve.

And If you don’t sew, or even if you do, try the option of taking something to a tailor. Now, I have never done this because we have not had tailors in my town. I have taken things to an “alterations lady” and had sleeves taken in or shortened. We do now have 1 “couture” sewing shop (not sure what her training is)and boutique, and a couple of “tailors” who work from their homes (don’t know anything about them either.) I still think I’d like to get a great pair of pants and take them to a tailor and see what they can do. What about you? What have your experiences with a tailor been? (and does anyone remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry goes to the tailor?)


Meg said...

I confess I put a bid on a mink jacket at a silent auction recently. Didn't win it, drat. New York Elegant Fabrics in NYC has the most gorgeous fake furs--so nice they go for around $100/yd.

Diana said...

I have both these books and I use S. Betzina's constantly. I even attended a Sandra Betzina fitting workshop in halifax two years ago. She was fantastic and I learned so much.

Cindy May said...

Nancy where are you?? I've emailed you a couple of times..:( Come to the Marfy sew along we just started on PR! please....?