Saturday, November 01, 2008

C is for

C is for CARDIGAN. Now, I know a lot of style books say “C is for Cashmere.” And, I do love my cashmere sweaters. BUT, I also have some acrylic sweaters that I love just as much, and they can get thrown in the washing machine Also, I’ve noticed that my acrylic sweaters do not seem to pill as much as my cashmere sweaters do. So, it’s like just about anything. If you look for something well-made, and that fits good taste, you will have a winner. But the advantage of all this is that we can make sure that something is well made by making it ourselves!

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A Cardigan is a great pieces to bring an outfit up a notch. There are long and short cardigans, button, zip, tie, and open versions. Some are heavy, some are light. Last year I made this cardigan from a New Look pattern. Although I loved the pattern, I wasn’t that thrilled with the fabric. In fact, when I prewashed the fabric, it pilled like crazy. I was very disappointed because it was not “cheap” fabric. Sweater knits aren’t always easy to come by, but cardigans (and twin sets) can be made of any variety of stretch knits. I recently ordered some knits on line and they just came yesterday. I figure that 3 yards will get me a sleeveless shell and a cardigan. This time I’m going to try Fashion Sewing Group’s cardigan pattern. I made the top and really liked it, so I'm sure I'll like the cardigan as well

C is also for CROPPED JACKETS. Now, I could go crazy over cropped jackets, because I have the right body type for them. I am big in the bust, hips and thighs, but have a small waist, rib cage, and narrow shoulders. This makes me something in between the typical pear shape and hourglass shape. From the side I look definitely hourglass, but from the front or back, I look very pear shape.
The cropped jacket emphasizes my small waist and does not draw attention to my big bottom half. I’ve bought a few patterns I would like to try out this year. I'm really loving the little red jacket shown in the McCalls 5528 drawing. This would be so cute in linen for spring or summer, or a boiled wool or brocade for winter.

I'm also really liking the Vogue 8319 jacket (and the dress too!) Wouldn't this make a great LBD with a nice evening fabric for the jacket? I also think the whole outfit would look great in a wool crepe or silk dupioni.

C is also for CAPE . Now last year, the BWOF cape was all the rage, and there were some fabulous versions out there. There were 8 different people who reviewed it, and they all looked different, and they all did a fabulous job! I also really happen to like the cape in this Simiplicity 3959 pattern shown on the model with the hat. I'd love to make that out of a warm coating fabric.

The last C for tonight is CLUTCH. This season's "must have" bag! I can hardly wait for Vogue patterns to go on their $3.99 sale at JoAnn's so I can pick up this pattern.

I'm also looking for other clutch bag options, but haven't seen any. I know Hot Patterns has a large envelope bag that they're calling a clutch, but I'm looking more toward something like the yellow, white, and red bags shown on the left. Or maybe different. Any suggestions?

OK. I lied. The last C for tonight is CUT. We can have hundreds of patterns, and cabinets full of fabric, but if we don't cut it out, we never get to the sewing part! My plan is to cut out my bias skirt tomorrow morning, either before, or after, church.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's the pictures, your writing, or the fact that my coffee just hit the mark, but your post was right on target for me. I'm not normally a fan of clutch purses, but you made me want one. I've never wanted a short jacket. Now, I do. If you don't already have a career in fashion, (I didn't check! Sorry!) you should! I now want everything on your list!!

toy said...

I think a black cardigan should be on the top 10 must haves, cardigans can hide a multitude of sins and its a total layering must if you love knit dresses year round, another great post!

Little Hunting Creek said...

I agree, C is for CUT - and COMMIT to finishing the project, once started. I like your alphabet :)

Nancy K said...

I'm enjoying this series a lot.

Lisa Laree said...

Nancy, I got Vogue 8319 with the intention of making a LBD...and I have some killer black silk to make it out of. But have I even pulled it from the envelope to start the fitting process? Noooo....must get on that. There's one holiday event on the calendar for which a killer LBD would be *perfect*

Mardel said...

I always loved a cape my mom had when I was a child. It was a deep chocolate brown wool and was lined with a paisley velvet -- so soft and luxurious. I keep thinking I should make a cape inspired by my childhood favorite and yet I keep putting it off. Perhaps it is time.

Summerset said...

I've made up Vogue 8319 as a LBD with a ginormous houndstooth for the jacket with big black buttons. It's a great ensemble and I still wear it (I made it when the pattern first came out a few years ago). The dress is very, very versatile and is one I would consider making again.

Beth H said...

I'm really enjoying your Alphabet Sewing Series. Thanks!

Melissa said...

I'm enjoying your ABC's Nancy. Interesting the good luck you've had with acrylic. Everything I ever buy (or make a few sweaters) with acrylic in it seem to pill up so badly. It makes me sad - and I even wash everything on a short delicate cycle and lay flat to dry.