Sunday, November 02, 2008

D is for...

D is for DENIM JACKET. Now, I have purchased 2 patterns for denim jackets, and have yet to make one. I have not owned one in years - but I really think I'm missing out here. The first pattern I bought for a denim jacket was this one from Jalie. I still intend to make it at some point. What I love about this jacket is its classic styling and traditional design. It definitely does not have that "home made" look.

But then I found this pattern from Sandra Betzina, and knew I HAD to have this denim jacket. I think it is more my style. I am planning on making it this spring.

What I love about this pattern is it's unique design and all of the detail seaming. The more I think about this jacket, the more I think I may want to move it up in my cue.

Now the trick to looking stylish in a denim jacket is first of all - dark or colored denim. No faded denim here (or jeans either, unless you're going for the rocker look.) The second thing is, there is too much of a good thing. So, typically, you do not want to wear a denim "suit." The same color of denim head to toe is going to look like you are advertising for a clothing catalogue or something. White jeans and an indigo denim jacket look great. Indigo jeans with a colored denim jacket work. A denim jacket with cords, khakis, or a variety of skirts all work. You get the idea.

D is also for DAY DRESS. Now, what is a day dress you may ask? Simple my darlings - it is a dress to be worn during the day!! LOL! Now, the day dress will vary depending on what your day looks like. In the summer (which lasts from about May to October around here) I am a big fan of cotton and linen dresses. They are more comfortable than pants, shorts or skirts, and they definitely are more flattering than capris. (Did you notice that capris were not on my list of Cs? I admit, I own and wear them, but they are not really flattering, and why should we wear anything that doesn't make us look and feel fabulous when we have the option? More sewing I say! Get rid of those capris and sew up some day dresses and skirts!) OK, back to the day dress. The dress shown on the left is probably my favorite dress off all time. It is a Kwik Sew 3050 pattern and made from a beautiful red linen from Fabric This seems to be the dress that I grab whenever I don't know what I want to wear. It is comfortable and hides a multitude of sins. I made it in April of 2007, it's probably been washed at least 20 times, and it still looks great. Yes, I definitely need to make another one of these, since I seem to wear it all the time. Another favorite of mine (which I took to the cleaners and keep forgetting to pick up, is S3539. I made it out of tropical wool and lined it. It's cool enough to wear in the summer, and great in the winter with a top underneath and tights.
Sun dresses are perfect for just hanging out, going to lunch with friends, or even hot summer nights. However, they are not appropriate for the office. Something with a more modest bodice, and possibly sleeves is a better option. In the fall and winter, I love long sleeved dresses. Sleeveless or short sleeved dresses with jackets or cardigans also work.

On Friday, I purchased this Butterick pattern that I will be using as part of my Endless Combinations endeavor. I have some beautiful Taupe Diana Double Knit from Sewing Studio that I think will make this look beautiful. I bought the fabric during their end of season sale, and I think they only carry that color in their spring collection. I love that fabric so much, that when I get some space cleared of (read SEWN) from my knits shelf, which BTW, has now started encroaching on my wool shelf, I would like to purchase more of this fabric for a couple of projects I have in mind. I also have this in an amethyst color that I will be using to make a CARDIGAN. I'm loving the collar detail on this dress. I'm not sure if the "sack" silhouette will be flattering for me, but there's no reason I can't belt it. I will be making it a couple of inches longer as well.

I recently purchased some other dress patterns that I'm really wanting to try.
Of course, there is the infamous Hot Patterns Cosmopolitan Dress, but I'm also really liking the Hot Patterns Indispensable Dress.

I just got the November BWOF magazine and I really like the two versions of the boatneck dress they show in there. I also am planning on making up one of my vintage A line dresses during this contest, perhaps out of a linen, or a wool blend. I have many, many dress patterns that I need to get going on. I'm hoping to work several into the Endless combinations contest, starting with the Butterick one above.


Sigrid said...

That Vogue denim jacket certainly is very stylish. I have made the Jalie pattern 3 times and it's a classic, very good pattern. But I'd like to try the Vogue one too sometime.

Diana said...

I like your dress choices. I made a sack-like dress this summer B5131 and I have to admit, it isn't the most flattering. I'm 5'4.5" tall and weigh 135 lbs.I'm probably not tall or slim enough to wear this style but I still like it. If you want to see it, go to my Sept 23rd post on my blog.It might give you an idea of whether it's for you or not.
Happy Sewing