Monday, November 03, 2008

D is also for...

DETAILS! One of the biggest things that changes the look from “Happy hands at home” to “Designer” is the details. The next time you’re out shopping, whether in real life or online, take a look at all of the details in RTW. Even Walmart has details in their clothing that would put some of our creations to shame! A plain, unadorned garment is perfectly acceptable if you have fabulous fabric and beautiful seaming. Otherwise, you’re going to want to add something if you want to make it look special. One of the greatest things about sewing is that we can make our garments unique, one of a kind creations.

Here are some examples of details that take your clothing up a notch:

  • buttons, buttonholes
  • binding on neckline, hem or sleeve hems
  • piping
  • pleating
  • topstitching
  • pintucks
  • trim - lace, ribbon, soutache, braid, gimp, embroidery, beading, couched yarn, etc.
  • bows, tabs, straps
  • belts, lapels, collars and cuffs
  • interesting seaming and seam finishes.

As your skills as a seamstress improve, take one little thing up a notch with each new garment. Try a different buttonhole, or a bound buttonhole, Try a patch pocket with gathers or pleating, or a welt pocket. Instead of gathering a neckline, try pleating it. Get out that sewing book and try a new skill. You will be thrilled with the results (I always practice on scrap fabric first.)

Try choosing a pattern that has an interesting detail. People never think your clothes are “home made” when you have appropriate details. Take a look at some of the style magazines and RTW and notice things like button size, seaming details, zipper techniques, fabric combinations, use of lace, ribbon, and trim. Be an inspector.

And those camera phones really come in handy for remembering some of
these details!


Nancy K said...

Gorgeous details. I always forget about my camera phone!