Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bias Skirt Finished

Yes, I finally finished the bias skirt. The two hour skirt that took me more than 2 days to finish. Oh well, I really like it. But I must have gained 5 pounds in those two days, because it is a little snug in the waist. It seemed like it was going to be too big, so I took it in and then I had to really ease it in to fit the waistband. I should have cut the waistband a 14 instead of a 12. I'll know for next time.

Tips I gleaned from other blogs and websites:
1. Iron the pieces after you cut them out before you sew them. This helps simulate the natural stretching that will occur from hanging and wearing.
2. Stretch the seams as you sew. They will look rippled when you do this, but they will press out and hang nicely.
3. Use bias tape to make your hem. I got this idea from something Summerset said about circle skirts. It worked perfectly on this. Also, pre-press the bias tape, curving as you go. I used wide single-fold pre-made bias tape.

4. A lapped zipper turns out much more nicely than an invisible zipper on bias cuts skirts. Believe me. Really.


Janene said...

This looks like a comfy skirt. Very nice.

Elaray said...

You've made a really good-looking skirt. I like Summerset's bias tape hem, too.

Gwen said...

Your skirt came out really nicely! I've had that same thing happen to me more times than I can count (or want to admit) - something seems a bit big and I end up adjusting it until it's snug... I'm glad it wasn't too much on your skirt. :)

cidell said...

You're right about the lapped zipper. I've only done it once (with Marji's guidance), but it's such a nice vintage and sturdy look.

Summerset said...

Nicely done - bias can be tricky to work with, but you've done the right things and have a great skirt. Glad the tip came in handy for the hem!

Birgitte said...

You look super elegant and slim in this, Nancy. Great job. A 2 hour bias skirt is impossible- such a misleading name for a pattern! Just to hang it before hemming is at least 24 hours, and don't get me started on the whole exercise of cutting it out! I just got Roberta Carr's "Couture" and she states that the seam lines should be thread-traced and SA should be 1". Everything should be basted together along the thread-traced lines before sewing on machine, and to stretch, like you did, while sewing. Also, we should leave the whole shebang in the flat until only the hem remains, as not to distort the pieces.
From personal experience I know the waist can be deceiving. Since you worked on such dark fabric you couldn't see what was happening, but the 'excess' you think should be taken out, should be left alone. That is the bias which will drape nicely around our tummy and buttocks :)) So as I figure this; the waist seam should not be stretched, which makes sense because it's horizontal not vertical like the side seams, and with the stability of the waistband won't be subject to the force of gravity.
Sorry for the long comment, you just got me all excited about sewing with bias :))

Melissa said...

Pretty skirt! Brigitte has lots of great info in her post too - thanks Brigitte!