Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Top - FSG 1960

Since I have the whole collection of FSG sewing patterns (except 1) I figure it's time to start using them. I have made the coat, skirt, jacket (not quite finished) and now the top from the twinset.
I like the pattern, but there are a few things I will change next time. First, I will make the longer version. This is the shorter version plus 1-1/2 inches. I will also raise the shoulder point and the armscye each 1/2 inch. This is a great basic T and I used a cotton/poly/lycra blend fabric from fabric.com (I love those stickers they put on the fabric so I always know what the content is and where I got it.) This top is part of a twin set pattern, so, being inspired by Carolyn's twinsets of late, I hope to make a twin set soon. However, I think I will use my CJ Patterns turtle for the under layer.

Next up, I'm hoping to cut a muslin for the FSG pants pattern today. I have some great black stretch crepe fabric that I've had in my stash for a while. I washed it with this top fabric and it came out beautifully. I'm sure it's some kind of poly blend, which is perfect for work and everyday pants

The hardest part about working with knits is laying them out. Jersey is really hard to tell grain and it isn't always cut straight. I got lucky on this piece because the pattern was printed on grain, so I was able to line up the pattern. But oftentimes, the pattern is not printed on grain, or there is no linear pattern. NancyK sent me a great tip on PR and I'll share it with all of you. THanks Nancy!

I use blue painters tape, and on a very fine knit I use a magnifying glass. I lay out the pattern piece to see about where I have enough room and where the grain line is. I take up the pattern piece and I find a straight edge of one of the knit rows. That's where the magnifying glass comes in. I carefully lay down pieces of tape; its too hard to lay out a long piece of tape. Then I put the pattern piece back on and line up the grain line with the tape. Obviously, make sure that the tape doesn't damage the fabric before you use it. I haven't found one yet.

She also suggested using full size pattern pieces rather than cutting on the fold. I have found that doing this really makes it easier to lay out and cut, even though it takes extra time to cut the pattern pieces and fabric. It's well worth it in the long run, especially with unruly knits!


Summerset said...

Cute top! Great tips, too! Thank you.

Meg said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll have to try this. Most of the time I just say knits be damned and hope for the best when it comes to grains, but I know that's not a good thing....

Anonymous said...

Hi...silly question, maybe, but what is that fabric you are using for your blog background? It's exactly what I'm looking for to make a blazer! :-)