Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A is also for...

Animal Print. Now, every fashionista should have a dash of animal print. Animal Print is best used as an accessory or accent. Personally, I have animal print gloves and a scarf. And I'm absolutely in love with the animal print coat that Tany made last year and would love to try one myself. There is too much of a good thing, though. You don't want to wear animal print head to toe.

A is also for ANORAK. I love this Mc Calls pattern and have bought some silver metallic linen to make it up. There are a few different styles of anoraks that I have seen at green pepper patterns, Jalie, and somewhere else that I can't remember. The anorak is a great throw on jacket for transitional weather. I have one in a microfiber fabric that folds up into it's own totebag. It was made by a company called Weekenders, which is no longer in business.

Oh, how could I forget to add ACCESSORIES to the list of A's?

Accessories are a must. You can make or break an outfit with the accessories. Now, I’m no expert on accessories, and I can’t affort to hire Rachel Zoe, so it’s the trial and error or “practice makes perfect” theories you want to put into effect here. Think of this, vibrant green satin blouse, black skirt, and clogs. Just doesn’t work, does it? Or how about that beautiful evening dress and a big black leather hobo purse? I think not. If you’re iffy on what’s “hot” as far as accessories go, check out any number of style magazines, and pay attention to jewelry, shoes, bags,


Vicki said...

I have animal print shoes and a BWOF top. As for the anorak, I was just looking at BWOF last night and they have quite a few. A green one is on the front cover of a recent addition..maybe Sept.

Anonymous said...

I end to stay away from animal prints - I think they can look just too "footballer's wives" - um. that's an English thing, I'm not sure of the American equivalent? Cougar-ish? LOL!

Anoraks - I'm coming round to them.

Cennetta said...

In love with the animal print. I have a little more the animal print accessories, but won't dare wear more than one animal print article at a time.

I brought the same Anorak pattern last Spring, but haven't gotten around to making it.