Saturday, June 23, 2007

shorts - finished

I must think I am thinner than I am because it seems that lately everything I make is a bit tight. I cut these shorts using a 40 for the waist and tapered to a 44 at the hip. They were so tight I couldn't even get them over my big butt. I let out the seams all around and made the sas 3/8 and that was enough to make them the right size. The funny thing was, I didn't have to make the waistband smaller, even though I made the side seam smaller. It must be the curve of the fabric that made it fit. Anyway, I really like these shorts now, but would like the a lot better if they were made out of a fabric with a little stretch. They're a little tight on my legs when I sit down. Of course, I got hit with the refrigerator door when I was walking into the kitchen with a cup of coffee in my hand, so they're already in the wash!
As I think I said in a previous post, I did not like the way the pockets were designed on the original pattern, so I made these piped pockets instead. They turned out pretty well, but not perfectly. I think I would like to try putting little tabs on them next time.

Also, next time I will move the button hole up just a smidge because the top of the waistband wants to fold over a little bit.
If you've never tried Sandra Betzina's method for a fly front (from Power Sewing Step by Step) you ought to try it. It really turns out nicely. I believe there is also a video on the Threads site that shows this same method.
This afternoon I cut out the pieces for the Vogue sundress and am going to make it out of some really cool striped fabric I got last year in a FMF bundle. It is cream with brown, gold and black stripes - kind of "ethnic" looking. I don't know the fiber content, but I threw it in the wash and dryer and it looks fine. I'm hoping to get it cut out this weekend. But for now, it's off to get a haircut for me.


Erica Bunker said...

Nancy those look great, they fit looks wonderful! I love those pockets!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, these are great looking shorts, with a wonderful fit!
Great job :))

Elaray said...

Great shorts; great fit! I really like the length.