Monday, June 04, 2007

The "S" word

Apparently someone got their panties in a bunch over "intellectual property" that apparently wasn't their property to begin with. I understand infringing on other people's rights and ideas is not a good thing, but neither is slamming someone in a newsletter to thousands of people when the person in question was not even aware that there was a problem. What's up with that? Anyway, there may have been an issue, but the whole thing was just handled poorly in my opinion. If you want to know more of the ugly details, you can look on the newly renamed "wardrobe contest" board at Pattern Review.Starting in the middle of page 86. I've changed most of my posts here, but I'm not going to rename all of my photos and re upload them. Yikes!

My bustier is finished except for 2 buttons. I will try to get them on and a picture later this evening if possible. I like the way it looks, but it is a little tight in the waist and a little to loose in the ribs and bust. I'll know what to adjust next time. My fingers are still sore from all of the hand sewing!The killer was sewing through all the boning. First, basting it in, then tacking it, and finally sewing the buttons to it. Here is a picture with the boning in place.


renee said...

Pretty Pretty Blog!

I use a MAC at home and I noticed at work on my PC today that some larger photos will cut off. Just an FYI.

Elaray said...

Great looking bustier, Nancy! Even the inside looks fantastic. Reminds me of making the top of my DD's prom dress. Although, I can't imagine sewing through boning by hand! Ouch! Get me a tourniquet!

Elaray said...

PS: When I sewed boning into my DD's dress, I made a casing using wide bias tape, Then I sewed through the casing, not the boning.