Friday, June 08, 2007

Built by Wendy

Earlier this year I purchased the book "Sew U" by Wendy Mullin. I was disappointed when I got the book because it seemed so elementary. I kind of put it aside for a while.

When I started thinking about the one pattern, multiple looks contest, I remembered that this book showed many variations for each pattern. (It comes with a basic shirt, pants, and A-line skirt patterns)I decided to switch some of my tops from the "Wardrobe Contest" to use this pattern so that I could do both contests at once. Plus, I just really want to get a basic shirt that fits well. I finished this one last night and sewed the buttons on this morning. I really like it.

Today I went to the Pfaff store to look at their embroidery machines. I think I am going to get the Pfaff Creative 2134 with the money I am making teaching summer school. It is exactly in my price range. I've always wanted a Pfaff, and actually they are the only brand that has service in town. Now I have a tangible goal that will make teaching summer school worth while!

And WHAT is up with the "contest formally known as SWAP"? Too much ado about nothing. Now they have changed the rules. Only ten garments instead of 11. Tops only have to go with 2 of the 3 bottoms. And now, you must make an accessory such as a hat or handbag. Hmmm... lets see, one person makes a 15 minutes scarf and another makes a week-long bag project. We also have the option of slippers. Huh?????? Yes, I can see wearing slippers with my Marfy dress or black gauchos. Of course, I suppose I should have planned a lingerie SWAP (yes, I'm using the "s" word.) OK, I must be tired because I'm griping and complaining. It's almost midnight. I better shut up and go to bed

I only got back on the blog to post this picture for Karla Kiser who says that my cat looks like he lost all his stuffing. I don't think he ever had any to lose. Poor thing, He's the longest, skinniest cat I've ever seen. LOL


Maureen said...

Personally I really enjoy blogs that have griping and complaining, they're my favorite the shirt!

SewRuthie said...

Lovely shirt, lovely cat. Great idea being in both contests at once. I have copied your idea!

Now I must admit when you said elaphants fabric, I had a scary mental picture but its tunred out soooo cute. well done you!

Elaray said...

I've thought about getting a new sewing machine with my summer school money, too. I've always wanted a Bernina. I've also thought about a vacation, a new stove and tuition for my DD!

Hmmmmm. What to do? What to do?

Dr. Bennett said...

Nancy, I love the elephant top! You know what my favorite part of that pattern is? You guessed it... the darts! I definitely plan to make it this summer.
As I look at some Timmel sites, I do see at the bottom, 'copyright 2006...' so I guess the term S@%P is indeed copyrighted. Who'd've thunk it? I assumed it was sewing slang. I guess I'd better get on it and copyright the term OPML now... (kidding!!)

LauraLo said...

Great looking shirt, I love it! And I'm totally in love with your cat

S Sews said...

Love the cat photos - the shirts pretty cute too!