Monday, June 18, 2007

pocket practice

Yesterday I traced out the shorts from Burda WOF July 2006 issue. They have two little welt-type pockets in the front. I read through the directions a couple of times and they still don't make sense. Also, they tell you to cut 2 binding strips 5 inches long and 2-3/8 inches wide (incl. seam allowances) THis sounds like the seam allowances are included in the 2-3/8, but apparently it means you need to add seam allowances in addition to the given amount. They do the same thing on the pocket pieces. The directions for the entire pocket application (which, by the way you have to look at the directions for the pants on a different page to find them) are utterly confusing. I thought perhaps they would be more clear if I were actually doing them so I cut some scrap fabric to practice. Well, I think I figured out what you are supposed to do, but they kind of are weird. I tried to take pix, but you can't really see because my scraps have a crazy print on them. They are kind of like a bound button hole with only one flap. Since the flap lines up with the lower seam allowance, you don't really see it, so I don't see the point of the flap at all. I decided I would try the piped pocket that I learned from Kenneth King on PR, so did a couple of practices of those. Not perfect, but acceptable. I will try these on the shorts when I cut them out. I cut a 40 in the waist and 42 for the hip, which should fit according to their measurement chart, but the tissue fit was too tight. I think I will cut with extra large seam allowances and try them out of some broadcloth I bought at JoAnn's today.

Speaking of JoAnns, I went crazy there today. They are having a big sale and all of their clearance fabric is 50% off. I bought the following fabrics, all for about $2- $3 a yard!
Black poly crinkle chiffon for a blouse
gray mid weight p/c broadcloth for "muslin" for BWOF shorts
Black striped suiting for pants (this was re
gular $12.99/yd)

I also got this floral cotton stretch sateen for a dress in the May 2006 BWOF

A brown geometric poly crepe for a skirt (I don't know which pattern yet, but I have some brown solid jersey that I want to make the top at the top of this post out of and this fabric will be perfect for a skirt.

The find of the day for me was this beautiful dark gray matte jersey with glitter. It didn't photograph well, but it looks really pretty. I saw this last winter and fell in love with it, but for $12.99/yard I thought "I don't have anywhere to wear that." Well, sure enough you know that someday we will get invited somewhere, or plan on going somewhere, and I won't have anything nice to wear. So, even if I don't have anywhere to wear it - I'm making it! I bought it for this vogue pattern. I'd like to make the first one on the left.


Anonymous said...

Well, Nancy, it looks like your swatch notebook will be adding a few pages...
Your new fabric and pattern choices will look great together..

I did my thing at Joanns on Sunday.

I like Burda, but, their instructions have a lot to be desired at times!
Have a good day!

Elaray said...

You and I are on the same wavelength. I'm going to practice welt pockets, too. May I recommend two books to help you in the process: 1. Complete Book of Sewing by Chris Jeffrys and 2. Sewing for Style from the Singer Sewing Library. Both have clear, illustrated directions for welt pockets. Jeffrys book is always my first "go to" source to augment BWOF

Linda said...

Hi Nancy, I hope you got my email about fabric stores in HI. I bought the same floral stretch cotton for skirt last year. I fell in love with immediately but haven't made a skirt yet. I have it sitting out in the open this past couple of weeks trying to decide which skirt style to use. It is a beautiful fabric.

Maureen said...

I like them all Nancy, but the floral print is just WOW! I keep staring at's so pretty. Of course, I want it for pillows on my deck furniture...

..and you have such a talent for putting fabrics and patterns together...when I was sewing (a hundred years ago) I was such a dork about that, it seemed the finished product never looked as good as the picture on the pattern.
Yours look better.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nance,
Finally got a chance to look at your site - wow! Thanks so much for the tip about making a "practice" dress. In the back of my mind, I knew I should do that, but hadn't consciously decided. I think your vogue patter is very classy - in fact I think it would work well with my fabric.


Linda T said...

I LOVE that floral fabric!!!! Can't wait to see the dress.