Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We All Have Bad Sewing Days

This beautiful handwork is from the site Sharon B's In a Minute Ago I have a link to her "100 details" in my links bar.

Yesterday was NOT a good sewing day. It seems like everything I sewed, went in backward. Lesson 1: Don't try to sew when you're fighting a headache

I finally finished the lining (after ripping out at least 4 seams)and am almost ready to sew it on. I love the feel of ambiance, but it is not the easiest fabric to work with. Another problem I encountered was that many of my pattern markings did not match up. This could be due to any one of the following reasons
1. The pattern itself was not marked correctly (this is the least likely cause IMO)
2. I didn't transfer the markings correctly when I traced the pattern (likely)
3. I didn't transfer the pattern markings to the fabric correctly (nope, I double checked that)
4. I didn't get the markings right when I altered the front pattern pieces for FBA - this is probably the cause.
I will need to go back to the original pattern and check all of my markings before I make this again.

I'm still mulling over the trim issue. I think the taupe will probably be best, but it's a little blah and doesn't provide enough contrast. I became inspired by 100 details (what awesome work she does) and thought I could add some embellishment to the trim. That would be a great idea, EXCEPT I discovered late last night that I do not have enough trim! Yikes! A friend helped me estimate how much I would need, thinking 3 yards would be plenty. First of all, I did not figure in trimming the sleeves (or pockets if you add them.) I would have enough to go around the neck and front,but not around the hem. arghh. I don't have enough of ANY of the trims either. From now on, if I see a trim I like, I will buy 5 yards of it.
I've also decided to add patch pockets to the lower front of the jacket. Nancy Erickson has some templates in her book Do You Love What You Sew? that I think I will use.
I have to say I am enjoying making this more than many of the garments I have made lately. I am not a "speed sewer"