Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Trim and Pockets

Well, I spent a good part of my day working on trim and pockets. I went to JoAnns this morning to look for more trim, but couldn't find anything that inspired me. I had a couple of trims in my basket, but ended up putting them back. I've decided to use the taupe trim, but not run it along the hem because I don't have enough. I picked up some seed beads to spice up the trim a little, and I'm happy with the results. How long will it take me to bead all that trim????
First I tried ivory thread but it was too noticible. Then I tried monofilament thread, which looked perfect and I could really stitch down the trim at the same time as beading it, but it's too hard to see and gets tangled easily. I discovered that I have some thread that matches the trim very closely, so that is what I'm using now. I'm trying to make a knot after every bead so that if a thread breaks I don't end up losing all my hard work.
I tried a couple of different sized pockets and finally think I have the right size. Then of course its the question "Where do I put them?" I pinned them a couple of different places and tried on the jacket. I finally settled with a position close to the hem. All I really have left to do is sew in the lining - - oh, and all that beading


Anonymous said...

Wow, The beads look great on the trim! They do give the trim a dimensional look! Good idea...
I know you will love this jacket..
did you have any fabric left over for a skirt?
A suggestion for the beads, maybe adding a bit of Fray Check, will help keep the thread stable sand the beads intact..
I love to tailor, you have inspired me to make up the jean jacket that is waiting to be made up!

Nancy Winningham said...

Thanks for the tip Enid. I will give that a try.

Anonymous said...

Love the beading on the trim. It may take a while but it looks like it will be the perfect detail for the jacket, and therefore worthwhile. I think I would still not the thread between beads, fraycheck will not hold up as well over time.

julia said...

Nancy, I like the beads, too! You might play with beading when you put the buttons on.