Friday, April 27, 2007

Wardrobe Contest

Since Pattern review has posted their guidelines, I've made up my wardrobe design. I did it on a mac in "pages" but am not sure how to load the doc to my blog. So I took a picture of it and saved it as a jpg so that I could load it up tht way. Hope you can read the text. If you click on the picture, then click on "slideshow" in the menu bar on the right, you'll be able to read it better. I tried loading the pictures larger, and although it looked good in the preview window, it cut half of it off when I published it. Hope this works ok.

I'm excited because I have almost everything I need in my stash. I still need some white fabric for the skirt and capris (I have some white linen for a jacket later)and I want to get more of the inspiration print for a skirt. It won't work for this part of the swap, but the swap I linked to earlier has you use the same print in one top and bottom. This makes sense to me, even though every top won't go with every bottom. The "stitches' swap has all tops work with the solids. I like that.
I will take pix of the fabrics and post them later.

BTW, my good friend aka meg,has posted a new blog. She is a wonderful photographer and witty writer, so I've posted a link to her blog here and in my links bar.


Anonymous said...

I went on PR to join the swap but am not finding the rules. Can you help?


Nancy Winningham said...

On PR go Look on the left hand link bar Look for "sewing contest" and then "enter" to enter.

To find the rules, go to the message board tab at the top of the home page and then go to contest discussions. There is a thread for the swap. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I did find the info. Thanks so much!
Happy sewing.


hassam said...

thanks for sharing