Sunday, April 15, 2007

Burda 8949 Jacket

I've been wanting to make this jacket for a while, but knew that I would turn it into an ordeal, so have been putting it off - well, no longer! Last week I played with the pattern pieces and worked on the fit. Yesterday I did a muslin (from all kinds of scraps) and it seems to fit... except that I'm getting these horizontal wrinkles across the lower back. I've got some fit problems to think about there.

I am very pleased with this tweed that I got from Fashion Fabrics
(and to think, I got it in a reasonable amount of time - a first for them for me) It is an ivory cotten, silk, acetate blend and has a gold thread running through it. The fabric is actually lighter than it looks in the photos. If you look at the last photo in this post, that is more like the true color.

I orignally picked out this taupe trim and these gold and ivory buttons. But then I received some trims that I ordered from
Trim Fabric and really like this coral trim. I don't really think I have much to use with the coral, so I'll probably use that on something else.
I absolutely love this green trim and think that is probably what I will go with. I have some olive plaid cotton that I thought would make a cute dress or capris and top, so they would look good with this green trim. What do you think?

Buttons. I never can decide on the buttons. I really like the gold and ivory ones, but they kind of get lost in the fabric. I had originally wanted to use some horn buttons that I have, but I"m afraid they overpower the trim. I like the squarish ivory colored buttons - or maybe the gold? I have two sizes of each for front and sleeves, but the gold buttons are only about 3/4 inch and the others are 7/8 to 1"

I'm planning on lining the jacket with Ambiance. I originally was going to line to the edge, but in reading Connie Longs Easy Guide to Lining, she recommends using the facings so that the lining holds up better. I'm not sure which method I will use, but I better figure it out before I start cutting.

If you're reading my blog, please leave me a note (or a vote!) I love knowing who's out there :-)


Shannon said...

I think the gold buttons look great with the green trim. It is going to look great when it's fone - I look forward to seeing it.

Anonymous said...

I like your first choice of buttons, and I would prefer the taupe trim..but I tend to be subtle in jackets,pants and skirts and use blouses and accessories for the oomph....I love your fabric choice and ambience is my favorite as far as lining is concerned.
I know you will be happy with whatever choice you make, because it will be an original!
I enjoy your blog, and reviews on PR.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add, that I line to the edge with heavier weight fabrics, but if the fabric is lightweight, I found it is better to line to the facing.
Boy! you have been sewing up a storm!!
Enid in No. Ca.

julia said...

Nancy, I love the trim with the green in it, but it will limit your ability to wear the jacket with other separates. I also love the swirly La Mode buttons. I do think the green trim would over power those. Choices, choices!

Elaray said...

I vote for the taupe trim and the gold and ivory buttons in the first photo. That look is subtle and classic.