Sunday, June 29, 2014

My favorite Morning place

Even though I stayed up late last night, I still woke up early.  I love to get up before everyone else (OK, that's just one other person right now,) and I love the quiet of the morning.  We are so blessed to have this lovely spot to sit and watch the river.  It's really getting low and I'm afraid of what it will look like at the end of summer.  It is usually not this low until late September, but we just haven't had enough rain or snowfall in the mountains.
You can't really tell from the pictures, but that is the river running through the trees down there.  There are LOTS of boulders, so the water makes a beautiful sound - like white water rapids!

Right now I can hear that donkey across the river.  Amazing how far sound can travel in a canyon.  This is the perfect spot to do my bible study, journaling, and check up on the email or blog a bit.

This week I got a couple of patterns from Cutting Line Designs that I am anxious to try when we get back from vacation.  I never used to like these type of styles, but lately I have really been intrigued by her designs.  Maybe living in the country is winning me over to a more relaxed look and lifestyle!


Terri K said...

What a beautiful and peaceful place ! Isn't it nice to be all moved in and able to enjoy every minute there. Will check back to see what you do with those patterns.

Vicki said...

Sounds very peaceful. I think you are right, moving to the country would make you more relaxed.