Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Craig's Blouse finished!

I finally finished the blouse.  I had some trouble with the vents.  After following the directions, my vents did not look right.  I have made vents before, but it has been years.  I wasn't sure what I needed to do to fix these, but after help from fellow sewists at Artisan's square, I knew what to do.  I ended up ripping out the top stitching, taking some of the sleeve out of the cuff, and then redoing the vent facing.  I'm much happier now!   Gotta love the internet sewing community!!   The picture on the right is how they looked before I fixed the.

 I've been working all week at school, so I've only been getting to my blouse a few minutes here and there.

Things I love about this blouse

  • The fabric!  I used a rayon challis, and it feels great.  I love the way it drapes too.
  • The fit.  It's hard to tell in the pictures, but it fits really well through the shoulders and back.  Also, there is no gaping at the neck in the back or front.  I cut a 2 in the shoulders and sleeves, and did a pivot and slide to the size 3 at the underarm.  I love that Silhouette patterns has different cup sizes.  I can make the 2/3 D and not have to do any FBA
  • The French cuffs - sort of.  I love the way they look, but they are cumbersome to open and close. 
  • I love the way Peggy does the facings (and cuffs.)  You create the facing and then slide the bodice into it and top stitch. (see picture on the left)

Things I don't love and will change next time:
  • The cuffs.  Although I like the look, I will make regular cuffs next time
  • The gathers in the front.  They hit right below the bust, which is not flattering.  I tried to be careful and make sure they were even, but it is just not flattering.  Next time I will either place the gathers at the bust or at the waist.
  • The vent.  Next time I will fold the vent facing/binding in half lengthwise before I sew it on.

I really do like this blouse and will definitely make it again!


Rebecca said...

Great Blouse. Really nice fit.

Vicki said...

Nice! Love the fabric too.

Linda said...

Nice fit!

Linda T said...

Pretty blouse. After the vent issues, it came out great the way you did sew them. You did get a lovely fit. I can see why you will use this pattern again. Love rayon challis--so soft and comfy!

Mrs K said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

To move the gathers, will you actually change the pattern or just move the down when you sew? Great blouse!

Nancy Winningham said...

I won't have to change the pattern, I will just change where I place the fullness of the gathering. :-)