Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wear a Dress Day 4

Another day of wearing a dress to work. This has been a good exercise for me because it has really forced me to look at my closet - at least the dresses in my closet. I've known for a while (like since last summer - we're talking summer 07 here) that I need more dresses. But having to put together a week of dresses has made me look at not only style, but cut, length, color, and fabric. I can see that I have many gaps that need filled. And speaking of which, what am I wearing to work? It seems like I need pants, tops, skirts and dresses. Hmmm.... I do think I have more clothes for cooler weather, but sure enough when the cooler weather gets here I'll probably be saying I need more cool weather clothes!

Most of my dresses that are appropriate for work are looser fitting somewhat shapeless. I don't like this. I know I like looser fitting for work because of comfort and the heat factor in summer, but there's no excuse for shapeless. Well, maybe what I'm thinking is not enough details, or too casual. It's really made me stop and think about the patterns, fabrics, and plans I have for the future. I recently purchased the Hot Patterns ever-popular cosmopolitan dress pattern. but before that, I think I need to make the Indispensable Dress. I also have a few other dress patterns that I'd really like to make.

Anyway, I really do like this dress. It looks good with or without the belt and makes a great jumper as well. I used Simplicity 3539 and made it out of a washable wool blend. It is fully lined and very comfortable.


cidell said...

Have I mentioned how much I love this series you are doing??

Anonymous said...

Love this dress, it's a perfect transitional piece for the changing season.

Elaray said...

I've enjoyed this "Wear a Dress a Day" series. I'd be in big trouble if I had to wear a dress to work everyday. I've been looking in my closet and my selection of dresses is so inadequate I'm embarrassed. I wear pants to work and dresses to church - I have nothing in between. Thanks for waking me up!!!

Vicki said...

Well done on accepting the challenge! I didn't wear a dress all week (but I do work in a corporate environment - my excuse). This last dress could be made more wearable by teaming it with a strong pink/red cardigan to match the flowers.