Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I was so excited to come home yesterday and find this in the mail! It is a Kenmore 1060 zigzag sewing machine. I bought it on ebay. Cidell has raved about her sewing machine of this line, so I've been kind of keeping my eyes open for a similar model. I was surprised to see that this had been packed in a box (well, if you call putting it in a box "packing") with nothing but the vinyl carrying case. It does weigh only 15 pounds, so I was thinking this would be good for travel. When I took it out of the box, I noticed that the footpedal had been broken in transit. I think it is just cosmetic defect - nothing a little E6000 won't correct.

You can see that this came with a number of feet, a couple of bobbins, and even the instruction book. The item description stated that the book was "a little worn from normal use" Well, I think the book is more than " a little worn" as you can see in the picture. The zipper foot is also broken, but since these are low=shank feet, the one from my old sewing machine should fit it just fine.

Here's something I've never seen before. I had to look it up in the manual to see what it was. It is a blind stitch attachment and shank. I was thinking I would have to fool around with that and figure it out. I was getting very excited about this old machine.

The machine looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a while, so I started cleaning out the lint. There was a lot of lint. The light came on just fine and all the dials turned freely. then, when I went to turn the handwheel to move the needle, it wouldn't move! I tried everything I could think of, engaging the clutch, disengaging it, changing the stitch dial at the top, checking all buttons, dials, and gadgets. Nothing. I am so disappointed. I contacted the seller last night. This morning I got a reply that she had UPS package the item and that she would check to see what my options are. I think I want a full refund. The machine must have been dropped. I cannot believe that someone would stick a sewing machine in a box with no padding and send it off in the mail (UPS, or anything else)
I will keep you posted.

In the mean time, no sewing today. I have had meetings after school every day this week and then tonight DH and I went to the county fair. The fair is a big thing here. I haven't gone in a couple of years, so we decided to go this year. The home arts building was something to see. There were some of the most beautiful quilts there. They had a few fashion sewing entries, but mostly they were prom style dresses and not really anything spectacular. I guess they give prizes for table settings, scapbook pages, paper crafts and just about anything you can imagine. Some of it was interesting, some of it was like, "what?"
It was fun anyway, but it is not fun trying to navigate a blind man through a crowded place like the fair. I was glad to get out of there. But, the weather was amazingly nice this evening (only 83 degrees at 7pm) and there was a nice breeze.
Tomorrow is picture day at school. I wish I could skip it.


cidell said...

Oh man that sux!!! I'm so sorry :( But, I think I agree on the full refund.

Meg said...

Thanks for posting about this buying experience. I am thinking about getting a down-and-dirty back-up machine but now I think I'll try to buy local so I can inspect it firsthand. Sometimes my local Sears has reconditioned Kenmores at cheap prices.

patsijean said...

If you really want this model, I would try one more thing before asking for a refund (do take pictures of lint and any other damage). I would take the machine to a reputable shop for repair. I had excellent luck with machines of different makes repaired at our local BabyLock dealer. They repaired 2 older Kenmore sewing machines but told me the Viking serger could not be repaired.

Maureen said...

So sorry to hear about the broken sewing machine Nancy.... I once received a pkg. from someone on Ebay that looked as if it had been thrown down several flights of stairs. I used to pack my stuff with that thought in mind....LOTS of newspaper and bubble wrap!

Helen said...

Are you sure that's a blind hem attachment? It looks like the Singer Edgestitcher shown here:

The machine is too cute!

Nancy Winningham said...

Wow - it does look like the edgestitcher. But, the book that came with the machine says its a blind stitch attachment. I haven't even taken time to look at how ti's used