Monday, September 08, 2008

McCalls 5664

I finished the blouse tonight. There were a couple of issues with this blouse, but they were easy enough to correct. The main thing was the hem problem that I

noted in my last post.

You can see the placket here, and I think it turned out pretty well. Again, the main thing here is to mark well.

The collar has a band, but mine didn't lie as well as I would like. I think it stretched a little out of shape. My fabric was so fine, that I probably could have used a light weight interfacing on the band and the facing instead of just interfacing one.

I really like the sleeves because not only is the bottom band a separate piece, it has a separate facing as well. This would be fun to do in a contrast color.

I'll try to get a picture of it on me tomorrow, since I plan to wear it to work.


Mits said...

I cannot say it will suit you or not, but it is looking at fine.



Mits said...

In the photograph the blouse is looking attractive. It is made up of good fabric.


Summerset said...

Oh, I love it! It's so classy and elegant made up in that fabric. The placket looks perfect and I know you will, too when you post of pic of you wearing it.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Nancy .- I love this blouse. very clean and elegant, really greetings, Paco

Nancy K said...

Looks beautiful

Myra said...

Neat one, I didn't get that pattern but have a Simplicity that is similar. I have never done a collar like that before, but there's always a first time...

Tany said...

It's a beautiful blouse, well done!