Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There's Nothing Quite Like Dog Sugar

My dad's new home is just 2 miles from my house. I am so glad that I am off work right now, because I go and see him everyday. He has his good days and bad days, but more good than bad. There is nothing he enjoys more, than spending time with the dog. I think he enjoys that more than spending time with us - I haven't gotten that kind of smile out of him! Of course, I don't lick his face, either.
My dad is very proud of his "new home" and is (most of the time) very happy. He doesn't seem to be in any pain. Although hospice is for those who are dying, it is all about the living. And my dad is living well right now. Praise God.

Maureen brought Annie over yesterday for the final fitting on her dress. It fits her perfectly and there is NO gapping in the zipper. I do not think I will have to do it over. Today I will do the handstitching around the zipper binding and sew on the hook and eye. I think my migraine is finally gone (or at least almost) so I can get some hand sewing done.

Last night I decided to trace the tissue for this Adri dress. We are leaving for Hawaii in less than one month and I'm going to be gone one of the weeks before then. I need clothes that are light weight, fast to make, and pack well. This dress will fit the bill and I am going to make two of them. One out of a rayon crinkle, and the other from a rayon challis. Well, the description said challis, but it does have some kind of a shine to it that I have never seen in a challis before. So, I'm not sure what the fabric is, but it seems to work like a challis and will be great for Hawaii. The first problem I encountered with this dress is that the instructions are missing out of the envelope! I made the top last year, but did not follow the directions because I lined it. I remember that there was something unique in the instructions, but I can't remember what it is! The dress will be simple enough to make without the instructions, but there is a large circle marking near the hip and I'm not sure what that is for. I made a muslin and decided to add vertical darts to the front and back to add a little more shape to the dress. The best part is, it just pulls over your head. No zippers.

I have some paperwork I must do today, but I hope I can squeeze in some sewing and cutting time.


Anonymous said...

I have this pattern and would be glad to mail you a copy of the instructions. I don't have a scanner, so can't scan them and e-mail.
Let me know. I am in Nebraska and it would probably take 2 or 3 days to get them to CA.

Nancy Winningham said...

Mermie - Thank you SO much! I would love that. I want to try some of the other pieces in the pattern, so that would be great!

Send me your email and I will send you my address. My email is nwinning at gmail dot com.

cidell said...

Annie's dress is awesome. Look how happy your dad seems!

Alexandra said...

Dogs get some pretty special smiles from their humans, don't they?
The dress is fabulous!

Maureen said...

GREAT photo of your Dad! So good to see him and hear that he is doing so well...thanks for sharing that Nancy.

And what in the world have you done to my baby girl??? No more tea parties for this princess:) Looks beautiful on her Nancy, you are the best!!!

Summerset said...

Awww . . . your dad does look happy! It's so nice that everything worked out for everyone.

Annie looks great and not having to redo the zip is nice a bonus.

Elaray said...

You're dad is a handsome guy. He looks very happy. And Annies dress is fabulous! She looks very happy, too!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I am glad that your dad likes his new home and that it's close to you. It will do him good to see you and his favorite canine friend often!

Marji said...

So happy your dad is doing well. And the formal dress is adorable on her.

You trace your Vogue Patterns? Why?

Nancy Winningham said...

I trace patterns because it is easier for me to make the alterations on the tissue than on the pattern itself. I do a modified version of the pivot and slide for most alterations, but put the tracing paper on top rather than beneath the pattern. For some reason, I have a hard time cutting the actual tissue patterns, but I do cut pieces like facings, bands, etc out of the actuall pattern tissue.

Birgitte said...

That is such an awesome picture!!

The dress is beautiful and she's got a million dollar smile :-)

Claire said...

You r dad looks happy and content. Even if the dog gets better smiles I'll bet he's tickled pink to be close to you.

Annie is glowing in her pretty dress which looks wonderful on her.

Mardel said...

Your Dad looks so happy! What a great photo. It is so nice that he is so close to you.

I trace my patterns too for the same reason. I used to cut them, but found that tracing was just easier, and sometimes it is nice to have the original to refer back to.