Monday, May 19, 2008

22 Zippers...

... a measuring tape, 12" ruler, 10 yards of black elastic, and 800 yards of twill tape! Yes, that is what I received in the mail today from one of my favorite mail order resources, ZipperStop. I have seen zippers cheaper elsewhere, but Zipperstop's service is great and their selection is fantastic. Besides, at 75 cents each for metal 7" zippers, it's hard to beat.

OK, I got a little crazy with the twill tape, but it is something I use all the time. and less than nine bucks for 800 yards equals out to about 1.1 cents per yard! I use this anywhere you would use stay tape. Shoulders, jacket lapel roll lines, waistbands, crotch curves, and anywhere else you want to prevent stretch. I would have liked to have gotten 1/2 white and 1/2 black, but I thought it would be easier to actually have it on the spool rather than in a bag (you can buy it by the yard as well.) I ordered all of this on Friday, and received it today (Monday)!

And, on another note, Marji has started a new blog for a winter coat sew along. Now, I have a great winter coat that I made, and I only get to wear it a few weeks out of the year. It is super warm, and super heavy. I think I would like to make a couple of coats that I have been planning for a while. (Hmmm - I was just looking back in my blog archives to find pictures of my coat, and realize that all of my posts from Sept-Dec 2006 are missing!)

First, I am going to use my FSG coat pattern and make a car-length coat with the hood from one of the 1945 jacket add-on patterns. I have some twill fabric that I bought from Nancy Erickson that is plain tan on one side, and blue plaid on the other. I will make it unlined and have the plaid side on the inside.

Also, last year I bought some beautiful black fabric to make an evening coat, which I still have not made. I think I will try to get that done as well.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I always buy things like twill tape, rayon seam tape, elastic in these large rarely run out and as you said the price per yard greatly decreases when you buy it that way!

Rose said...

So that is what *that* notion is called! Thank you! :) About 2 years ago, I returned to sewing (after a 15-20) year hiatus, and I found all these notions that I had packed away. I have some white twill tape, but I had no idea what it was and *where* I got it. I've been using it, though on shoulder seams, etc.. :) it's much nicer than the other stuff in the packets from Joann's. If I were you, I would write a note on the end of the spool, noting that you purchased it from Zipperstop, just in case you forget from where you purchased it when you finally run out....I know that when I get a spool, that's what I'm doing. :) Twill tape! wow! :)

mitch1066 said...

WOW thanks for letting us know about zipperstop,i'm always looking to save on sewing notions.They are on ebay too!

Claire said...

I love Zipperstop. I should stock up on some of the everyday notions since I do like to buy in bulk and not run out. Thanks for the reminder.

Your coat is very pretty and the one you plan to make for the coat sewalong sounds wonderful. I'm still thinking about what pattern to use.