Monday, May 05, 2008

And the winners are...

Winners of this year's SWAP:

Laura Lo, of Bucharest, Laura's Sewing Room

Shannon M, in LaSalle, Ontario, Canada, Hungry Zombie Couture

Maria G. in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Julie's web page

Johanna Lu of Goteberg, Sweden. Flickr site

Heather D from Wellington, NZ. See her Flickr photos here

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the contest winners!

Some of my favorites did not make it into the top 5, so make sure you go to the Timmel SWAP page and check out all the great wardrobes. Mine is last on the list - I hope they're not listed in order of votes received :-(

But, none the less, we are all winners, because we all have great new wardrobes. Also, I got the kindest personal email from Julie complimenting me on my SWAP and participation in the contest. Julie was also kind enough to give each participant who completed the swap a pattern of their choosing. I chose the jalie sweetheart top and have already received it. I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into coordinating and moderating this type of contest, as well as being active in the contest thread on Stitchers Guild.


Elaray said...

I barely found time to look at a SWAP. You found time to complete one. That makes you a winner. (Plus, you have a new, lovely wardrobe)

Birgitte said...

You are most definitely a winner, your wardrobe is beautiful and very functional. And it suits you perfectly. Congratulations!

Maureen said...

Well, I thought yours was the there!

...and I am totally in awe of every last one of you that finished the!

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Congratulations to all winners. Certainly Nancy, her white and yellow blouse was beautiful. best wishes. Paco

Anonymous said...

Yes, you all did a fabulous job on your Swap projects.
I am sure voting was not easy.
BTW, I think Julie ranked them in alphebetical order.
Again, what a nice wardrobe you planned, and now will enjoy wearing.

Paula Gardner said...

Your swap was lovely, there's no way you would finish last! Plus, it says that only the top five are ranked, the rest are in random order. ;-)

Ronda said...

I agree with Paula- there is NO WAY yours was last. I love it.