Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mother's Day Requiem

Just when you're ready to throw in the towel, something happens to change your mind. Mother's day has always been difficult for me for a variety of reasons. This year, I was not really expecting anything. Friday my husband surprised me with flowers sent to work, but the biggest surprise came on Sunday. I was excited because not only could I wear my new Marfy emsemble to church, but I was singing as well. Since I only get to do it once a month, I always look forward to it. I had asked both of my kids to go to church with us. Nick had to work, but Grace said she would go. Well, she didn't show up. I was disappointed, but not surprised. I was surprised however, when I got up. Grace had gone to the store, bought food, and made us a spaghetti and French bread lunch. Now this girl does NOT cook, so this is a big deal. (OK, hilarious side note - she was so exhausted from it that she slept all afternoon LOL) Oh, and cupcakes. She made cupcakes and she and Nick had bought me flowers. It was really very sweet. A little while later, Grace was making up some lame excuses for me to go into my bathroom. when I did, I saw that she had made a "spa retreat" for me. She had spread sea shells and candles all around the tub and had bought bubble bath (which actually turned out to be liquid potpourri, but it's the thought that counts), incense, and dried potpourri. Since I had to go to the grocery store, I didn't get to enjoy it until later (when I took this picture) but that actually helped spread the joy through out the day. Then, to top it off, my DD did the dishes after dinner. Wow!


julia said...

Nancy, blessings and miracles come in so many different forms and your story helps remind me that joy isn't always found in things turning out the way I might have expected. Thanks for sharing - your kids sound wonderful.

Elaray said...

How sweet! The most special gifts are unexpected and come from the heart. I'm sure you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

What a Special Mothers day! One you surely will remember....

Children surprise us don't they..

My daughter didn't show up for church either..but our grandsons and my 92 yr. old mother were in the pew with us....and that helped. I find it a joy, for my mothers longevity..(my dad is 95)

Your spa retreat looks so
relaxing.. your children know how special their mom is..

Enjoy your memories of this day..

Maureen said...

Who is this DD you speak of and what have you done with the 'real' Grace?....that truly gives me hope Nancy, thanks for sharing.

How's Thurs. for lunch?