Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Driving again

OK, I'm not supposed to be driving yet, but last night was the my last class in learning theory and I could not miss. DD had to work and I really didn't have another ride - so I drove. I had forgotten how nice it is to just get in your car and go wherever you need or want to go. My friend Maureen is coming over tomorrow to take me some places and that is a good thing. Otherwise I would be a very disobedient patient right now.

I am so excited about the Marfy dress. I got a muslin cut and put together and made adjustments. I really like the princess-like insets in the front and the curved darts in the back. You can't see them in the pix, but the darts in the back start at the small of the back on either side of the zipper and then curve into the upper armscye. This pattern is not difficult but I have been fiddling with the fit. I'm between an hourglass and pear shape. Actually, an hourglass with big hips/thighs. Or a pear with big boobs. No matter what you call it, it makes fitting a challenge - but who doesn't have fitting challenges? Remember when you were a teen and could just take the pattern out of the envelope, cut it and make it? No more.

I've been promising DH a shirt since last summer. Oops - guess I better get that made before DDs dress. I'm planning on cutting that out today. I've changed out some things in my wardrobe plan. Basically, a better capri and shorts pattern. Both from BWOF. The capris are pictured above. Unfortunately, they will never look like that on me. Here are the line drawings for both

And yay! yay! yay! I got my machine back from the shop. Hopefully I'll get to use it today.


renee said...

I'm hoping to do those BWOF capris this weekend! That puts me in the middle of three projects.

I'm glad your machine is back home.