Monday, May 07, 2007

And...the Jacket

Yes! I finally finished the jacket. It was a challenge to figure out how the neckline and collar all went together, but I finally got it. Here's what the pattern pieces looked like after I got them traced and added seam allowances.

Next time I would add a back facing. It just keeps the shoulder seams neater. I Knew that wasn't going to look good, so I did hong kong finish on the shoulder seams. The fabric is very sheer, so I used french seams on the side seams and sleeve seams. The facing I finished with a strip of bias. I used the left over batiste from the dress for all of the seam finishes. I also bound the armholes. I'm posting a view of the inside.
My DD took a lot of pictures of the dress on, but the white was too glarey, so I'll have to try to take more tomorrow, inside.
The big news if the day is that I am finally free of the collar. I'm sure it will be wonderful to sleep tonight without that thing! I celebrated by going out and buying 2 hats.

I also went out to buy fabric to make a muslin for one of the tops I'm making for the swap, but got carried away when I saw this cute black and white print at Beverly's.
I then went over to JoAnns and bought yellow rattail, buttons, and organza to make piping for the top. I want to try something like the flowers I saw in one of "nicegirl's" reviews around the button holes. Some muslin? huh? At this rate, I will never complete my swap. I go back to work on Wednesday and I know I will just come home and collapse every night. My sewing will probably only happen on the weekends. BUT only 3 more weeks until summer vacation!