Sunday, May 06, 2007

Marfy 1214

It's finished - and I love it.
I've been reading all the Marfy reviews on Pattern review, but never knew what the big deal was. Why would you pay that much for a pattern that has only one garment, one size, and no directions???? Well, I finally bit the bullet and got the spring catalog. What beautiful dresses and suits they have! Lots of creative ideas that you could adapt to other patterns as well. The catalog comes with several patterns in it ( sort of like BWOF) so I looked them up and thought about it. Then one day I was in Walmart of all places and saw this lace. I knew it was perfect for the dress, so I bought the lace and later bought the fabric.

This dress fits many firsts for me
First wardrobe contest garment
First Marfy I've attempted
First garment made with eyelet

(and a few other "first" mistakes that I don't care to mention)
I'm really glad I made a complete muslin (sans facings and lining) on this first. The fit was pretty good, but I needed to take out a little in the hips and take in a little in the back and front neckline.

I think this dress is really cool because of it's seaming. It has darts that run from the small of the back into the armscye and insets in the front that create princess seaming.

Everything just fit together very well. Even though Marfy patterns don't come with instuctions, it was easy to figure out the steps. This is what I did
1. sew darts in back and insets in front on dress and lining - press
2. sew shoulder seams on both dress and lining - press
3. attach dress to lining at neck and armholes
4. Press ALL seams open before turning - I use a tailors board to do this
5. Pull backs through the shoulder seams to turn right side out
6. Understitch the neckline as far as possible - do the same at arms
7. Insert invisible zipper
*. rip out invisible zipper because it is crooked (arghh!!!!)
8, Make sure needle is farther away from seam and insert invisible zipper again.
9. Flip lining over so that it is right side together with dress over zipper and sew in the seam allowance to the bottom of the zipper. Do this on both sides
10. flip lining back over so dress is right side out. Lining is now completely attached at the zipper
11. finish bottom of center back seam below invisible zip
12. finishe lining cb seam starting about 3 inches below zipper and going to hem
13. Pin dress hem
14. serge or finish lining hem
15 Pin lace to hem and sew by machine, catching hem at the same time
16. Use a blunt needle with a large eye to weave ribbon into the lace.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous! thanks for giving your details of construction.I'm very tempted to try one of these patterns now.Eithne

renee said...

I saw the Marfy catalouge in NYC and was a little confused. Thanks for explaining what it is. I commented on PR but I wanted to say again what a great dress you've created.

Erica Bunker said...

Beautiful dress Nancy!

Anonymous said...

Great dress, Nancy. I just scrolled down the rest of your blog and can't wait to see the jacket with it!
The value of that pattern is that you'll be able to use it so many times and create different looks.

Linda said...

Saw your review at PR and came here also. Lovely,lovely, lovely dress. Great job!

Elaray said...

What a lovely dress! The idea of no directions is still intimidating to me. You did a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

I need to make this dress! It is so lovely and unique!
I can't wait to see the jacket..
Hmmm, I have some pretty mint eyelet hanging around in my I know what to do with it!
Thanks for the review on PR.too.

julia said...

Wow! Congratulations! Sewwww great to have such a beautiful dress with which to re-debut your decoulatage! Congratulations on two accounts!

Maureen said...

Wow Nancy, another beauty, I can't wait to see it on you. No directions?....that's just not right (is there a point?)

And yea....the collar is gone! You must be feeling such freedom (which will all come to a crashing halt tomorrow huh?).

Maureen said...

Hey Nancy, technical did you get your photos to show up in different sizes, I've tried a few things (sending bigger file sizes) and they all pretty much end up the same size. I'd like them to be a bit bigger.


how was your first day back at work?