Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Maxi Love

I've been wanting to make a maxi dress (actually several) this summer, but have been having trouble finding the "perfect" pattern.  Even when searching for a pattern to buy, I still haven't found anything I'm that crazy about.  I finally settled on New Look 6774.  It has the look I'm after.  Unfortuately, this crossover bodice front does not work for me.  I would guess that it does not work well for most large busted women.  Or maybe I'm just doing something wrong.  The problem is that little crossover piece that goes under the bust.  It doesn't actually go under the bust.  It kind of cuts across it.  It seems to work OK on the front piece, but the under piece definitely wants to let it ride UNDER the bust.  This causes pulling up of the under-bust band and gapping in the front.  Not a good look.  I struggled with this on my summer top, and now here we go again.  I ended up redrafting the front of the bust and hopefully this will help.

Since I am doing the stash contest on PR, I decided I better find something in my stash to use.  I originally bought this cotton fabric to make another dress with a really full skirt.  Most of the fabric I have is in smaller cuts; not enough to make a maxi dress.  This fabric has more than enough.
I'm calling it a madras / seersucker combo.  Andy is throwing a retirement party for me this Friday night, and I figured this will be the perfect dress to wear.  (If I finish it.  If it fits.  If it looks good)

Madras / seersucker for Maxi dress

I worked on this almost all day yesterday, but still have some things to finish up.  Right now it is pinned together.  This dress is a lot of work.  Each bodice piece is interfaced and lined.  That includes 2 bodice fronts, 2 bodice backs, 2 straps, and an underbust band.  Also, those straps are a pain in the you know what to put on.  They are very steep curves and you are putting them onto a straight piece in the opposite direction.  Not fun.  Especially since I altered the top, many of the dots and notches did not line up.
I happened to be checking out some reviews on PR and linked through to "Sewn by Ashley"'s blog.  She is hosting a Maxi Dress Sew Along along with That's Sew Amy, so I'm in.  Perfect timing!
  I will post more pictures later!!!
(Gotta go.  DH wants to watch a little TV together.  It's too darn hot to do anything else.)


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the sew along! Your fabric is so summery and fun!!

Nancy K said...

This wouldn't work for me either. My girls have long since dropped with age and gravity.