Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Details on La Strada Tee

I blogged about this top a couple of posts ago, but I wanted to add some details.

First of all, the neck edge.  I like the v neck and the way it is made, but I wasn't thrilled with the unfinished neck facing so I serged it.  Unfortunately, it hits right at the top of the bra line, so it shows as a ridge.  I will probably cut off the serging and let it stay unfinished for a smoother look.

Here you can see more detail on my falling-over-sideways dress form.  Not sure how to get her standing up straight again.  She's a leaner now.

Here's a couple of details that I really like.  The gathering on the front really takes this T from ordinary to unique.  Unfortunately, it was a booger to figure out and get straight.  Both sides do not have the same amount of curve.  It was hard to tell how much to sew where, so I guessed it.  Next time I will do more marking than is indicated on the pattern so that both sides come out even.

I love the back on this.  You can't really tell from the pattern envelope (well, I didn't notice) that the back of the collar is gathered.  I think that looks pretty cool.  Also, the gathers on the back are really nice. I think this top would lend itself nicely to a mixed-media approach.  Maybe chiffon or crepe de chine.  It would need to be something with some "flow" to it I think.

I think I would like to make this top about 4-6 inches longer so that it would be long enough to wear with leggings.  I'm not really a leggings wearer, but I'd like to try it and I think this would be a good tunic.  It's long enough to cover the rear, but not long enough in the front for my taste in order to wear it as a tunic.  Maybe if I was 20 and in good shape - he he...

And here we are with the armhole issue.  I don't know if its because the top is so wide on me, or the armholes are just too big, but there is no getting away from the bra-showing problem.  I'm afraid that if I sew the side seams up any further they will be too tight.

Well, this is a crappy picture of me, but I think it is a better look to have jeans or darker pants with this colored top.  I was at JoAnns today and they had a dark red fabric with lengthwise stretch that looked like it might be bengaline.  I may have to go back and get that.  I've been wanting to try the Style Arc Barb pant (I think it was a free download awhile ago) and that might be a perfect fabric for it - and it would look good with this top!


Linda T said...

would a little "privacy" piece at the underarm work? like a cami under a very low neckline?

Nursebennett said...

I recently purchased a RTW upscale tee that had large, butterfly type sleeves and the armholes had a small piece of very thin knit sewn across the bottom third of the armhole. The piece fitted the armhole and was clean finished straight across the top, coming to just under the armpit. Covers everything well, but isn't constricting at all. It's a tissue weight, pale white knit that is almost invisible. Maybe that would work?