Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Fun With Fabrics

Over the past year I have collected quite a few Cutting Line Designs patterns, although I have only made one up to this point.  I think I actually got this pattern at the PR pattern exchange at PR last month.    The pattern in Fun With Fabrics.  I had decided to make the top sleeveless, but after looking at the pattern pieces, I figured I better make it with sleeves first to see.  I didn’t have enough of the white fabric that I wanted to use to make it with sleeves, so I pulled this brown linen out of my stash to try.  I originally bought this to make a pair of summer pants, but after I got it home, I realized it was too thin and would probably be so wrinkly and light weight that it would look like pajamas!

Fun With Fabrics in light weight linen
I enjoyed making this top and the construction process.  The neck is bound with bias binding, but I must have bound it too tightly because now I can barely get it over my head!  Next time I will cut the neck larger because I’m really not a fan of jewel necklines, although I don’t think it looks bad on this.  
Fun With Fabrics in light weight linen
The band across the bottom with the buttons is a nice detail.  

Although it is really hot here in summer, and I don’t wear sleeves very often, this will be perfect for chilly mornings or evenings.

I usually go for more fitted styles, but this will fit my new RETIRED lifestyle just fine!
Fun With Fabrics in light weight linen


sewingkm said...

This is a nice top, beautifully sewn,to wear from now through the Fall. Isn't it grand being retired? I love waking in the morning knowing I can take my time reading sewing blogs, getting inspired then pulling fabrics for my next creation. Karen

lemon said...

People that have a vivid hobby (like you and I, I knit) do enjoy retirement :)
I retired 7 months ago and still trying to find a balance after 27 years in work.
I enjoy your creativity since about 2-3 years ago,
Despoina, Greece.