Monday, April 25, 2011

Stash Reduction - bit by bit

It is time to do something about my stash. First of all, it is a mess. Well, I guess it doesn't look that bad when I look at the picture, but things are on the wrong shelf, not folded right, and I have other piles of fabric on tables, in boxes, and in bins. This top shelf is supposed to be all jacket and coat materials

Shelf 2, knits and then some misc on the left stack.

This row is linens, rayons, and cottons

The fourth row is wools, blends, and bottom weights

There are some twills, denims, a box of linings, and who knows what else on the bottom.

I have all of my silks and silkies in another box

I haven't done any sewing in 2011 except within the last couple of weeks, but at least the following were made from stash
brown skirt
batiste top
Easter Dress

Grace's dress was made from new fabric, and even on sale, it wasn't that cheap coming out to over $15.00. A lot of my fabrics are woolens, wool blends, and coatings. BUT, I also have a lot of rayons, cottons, and other fabrics that will work well for summer. I am going to try to not buy any new fabric unless it is something I need for lining. In fact, I am going to keep track of garments made from new vs old. I'm going to keep at least a 2 old to 1 new and hopefully a much better ratio. I'm glad school will be out soon and I can do even more sewing. I still have this week on vacation and hope to get a lot done, although I have appts. every day this week and other things I need to get done. I WILL schedule some time for sewing each day!!


Elaray said...

Wow! I'm still surprised to see so much fabric outside of a fabric store! I'll be interested in your progress.

Vicki said...

I have the mojo back too! Good luck with the stash reduction and sewing every day :)

Alexandra said...

Good luck with the stash reduction! I'll be coming here for inspiration as I try to sew down my stash.