Wednesday, April 27, 2011

McCalls 6035 blouse

Finished this princess seamed blouse (M6035) last night, but I'm disappointed because it is too small.
I was surprised when I cut it out because this is a multi- cup sized pattern, but the only piece that is different is the side front piece. Normally when you do a FBA on a princess seamed blouse, you increase the curve in the side front AND you lengthen the CF piece to accommodate the additional curve. This pattern does not change the CF piece for any cup size, so I found it extremely difficult to ease in the princess seam.
I'm going to try it again by widening the CF at the side front seam so as not to change the neck width or upper chest size. I am also going to add just 1/2" of length a the bust point to that same piece.

I think the fit is OK in the back. THe other problem is that the sleeves are too tight. Even though I made the sleeve bands a couple sizes bigger, they are still uncomfortable.


ELMO said...

That's so cute, perfect for summer!

Christiana said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are not happy with the fit of the blouse because it is such a cute blouse and you did a wonderful job of sewing it.


Diana said...

Too bad you don't like the fit because it's very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that stinks. Here's a suggestion - could you wear it with flared or wide leg pants? I always want to wear a more fitted shirt with a blousy bottom.