Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Look 6891 - top #2

After loving Grace's top so much, I decided to make one for myself. I really like the top, but since I had to make some adjustments for myself (FBA and bigger in hips) I didn't want to use one of my "better" fabrics until I knew the fit was right. This is fine, but I can do some things better for next time. This fabric is a very thin batiste and very see through. For that reason, I'm wearing a cami under it. Good thing, because it is very loose in the chest - not the bust, but above that in the chest. I have this problem in a lot of blouses and on tanks or other tops that are open in the front, I have solved this by putting a small dart in the pattern piece (not the fabric) at the neckline about a 1/3 of the way down from the collar bone to the chest. There is probably a better way to fix this, but I haven't seen it addressed in any of my fit books.
Also, the next time I make this (for either her or me), I will raise the neckline a bit. it is pretty low and there is no leaning over in this blouse! Another think I will do is make this narrower in the upper back. Several reviewers have mentioned the same thing on this blouse, but I have this problem in most patterns as I have a narrow back. Apparently, so does my daughter because it fits the same way on her. Actually, I probably made it too big for her. The smallest size in this pattern is a 10, and according to the measurements, that would be her size, but in RTW I think she wears a 2 or some ridiculous size! LOL Anyway, she'll need the extra room once her tummy starts getting bigger :-)


Summerset said...

Sweet, lovely top! Looks cool and comfortable.