Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Videos and Coat

Many of you may know about Smart flix, but it is new to me. They have tons of "how to" videos available for rent. Also, they have something called "universities" where you pay a flat monthly fee, they send you 3 videos and you can keep them as long, or short as you want. When you return one, two, or all three of them, they send you new ones. And yes, they have a sewing university with videos from names like Nancy Zieman, Sandra Betzina, Margaret Islander, Peggy Sagers, Marta Alto, and others. I thought I'd give it a shot. The list of titles sounds interesting. You can check out the universities here.

No sewing yesterday or today, but I did make a trip to the local JoAnns and got some great things. Wool in a khaki color to make another pair of the Marcy Tilton pants, a black brocade to make a clutch for DD for Christmas, thread, and fabric for lining and collar for a coat. Last week I got this Sandra Betzina pattern(in addition to the clutch pattern)
in the mail from club BMV.

I don't know if I'll renew the club BMV because I can get the great $3.99 sales on Vogue from JoAnns, but the problem is that they usually do not have the latest patterns in stock when they have their sales. They also are often missing at least 1 or 2 patterns on my list when ever they have their great sales, no matter what the pattern company. So, I may or may not keep it. This is the first time I've ordered from Club BMV.

I'm using the wool coating shown here from Gorgeous Fabrics, the crepe back satin for the lining, and the veloba "fur" for the collar facing. I'm excited to make this coat, and hope I can get it done before Christmas. There is not a lot of fitting to the pattern, and I'm basically going to make it just like the directions in the envelope. I recently saw this pattern featured in one of the magazines, but I can't remember which one. Can any of you help me out? I looked in the last 3 issues of VoguePatterns, but it wasn't there. I know I saw a 2 or 3 page spread on variations of this coat. I saw the pictures on the Sandra Betzina website under "Sandra's Closet", but I'd like find the article again.


Elaray said...

Thanks for the information about Smartflix! I'm going to look into it further.

Vicki said...

That coat looks very promising. Good luck with getting it done by Christmas!

Meg said...

I am on the fence about Club BMV too, for the same reasons as you. Since I'm going to subscribe to BWOF I may pass on it.

Summerset said...

That will be a fabulous coat! Can't wait to see it!

Birgitte said...

How beautiful that coat will be- hurry up! We want to see!!

I haven't bought a pattern for months, just finding what I need in BWOF and adjust. Not that THAT saves me any money... it's the fabric that breaks the bank!

Lory said...

The fabrics are very pretty, that will be a great coat! Thanks for the link, I'll have to check it out. :):):)


Linda said...

1-Never heard of Smartfix but will check it out now.
2-Love your fabric and the SB pattern.
3-I did renew Club BMV as I don't have great success with JoAnn's and the patterns I want in my size.

Carol said...

I love your fabric. I made a brown cord jean style jacket for DH earlier this year and lined it with the same colour satin backed crepe. It gave it a really lovely weight and is so nice to wear. Can't wait to see your coat. I love animal prints.