Thursday, December 04, 2008

G is for

Gloves. For 2 years now, I have been coveting some long (opera length) leather gloves in black. I never see them in stores, but a recent internet search took me to this cool web site, Shop Style. I found quite an array of gloves at all pricepoints and styles. I may finally have to get some long leather gloves!

This pair of gloves is for sale at for $87.00.  

I also purchased this pattern last year, but have yet to make it. I did buy some stretch microsuede fabric, which I think will be perfect for the gloves. I have it in a dark jade green and also a silvery gray.   I want the ones that go all the way to the elbow.  Great fabric, great pattern, still no gloves.


Little Hunting Creek said...

I'd be afraid that I would do all of the fussy work on one glove and then be too discouraged to go on. there is a reason that they are expensive :)

Dana said...

Gotta love the glove! I've got a pattern from the 80's that I've been working on this week! It's not too bad if you can handle the 1/8" SA's. I saw a special glove sewing machine on ebay - wouldn't that be a terrific help!

Summerset said...

Yay for gloves! I have a vintage pattern that is on my "to make someday" list.