Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Fabric Store

I have been wanting a cabinet to store all of my fabric and finally got one. I was trying to decide between 2 at our local OSH, and settled on the bigger one. I'm glad I did! In a way, it was exciting and sickening to unload all of my boxes of fabric and put them onto shelves. At last I can finally see at a glance what I have. And OMG!! I have too much! I know there are others that have much more, but even if I made up every single pieces, could I possible use that many clothes? Opening up the boxes was kind of like bringing out the Christmas decorations. I'd forgotten about several pieces, and most I could remember exactly what pattern or project I had bought the fabric for. I will say it is inspiring to be able to have everything organized in one space. All of my linings and silks are still in a box on the bottom shelf, because it will be easier to pull out the box and look at it than to try to look at all of those smaller pieces on the bottom shelf. I could rearrange the shelves, but I'm not going to. I thought about organizing by color, but this seems to work better for me. The top shelf is all jacket and coat fabrics, next shelf is knits and some unusual fabrics. Third shelf is linen, linen-like, and cotton. Next shelf down is wool, blends, and suitings. Bottom shelf is denim, twill, the box of silk & linings, and a few odd things. Oh, and the doors aren't bowed. For some reason, my camera is doing a weird "fish-eye" on all of my shots. It's been doing it for a while, but didn't do it when it was new. I'll probably have to take it in to the camera shop.

I haven't been doing much sewing lately because I have been having machine trouble. Last weekend I took a machine quilting class, and about half way through the day, I started having trouble with my machine. By the end of the day, it seemed I couldn't even sew anything because my needle was not taking up the bobbin thread. (Today, I pulled apart my machine for about the fifth time, and now it seems to be working OK.) I only seem to have trouble when I drop the feed dogs.) A couple of nights ago, my friend Sandy, offered to let me use her machine. She is a quilter and has another machine she is using right now, so I took her up on her offer. This machine is about 10 years old, but really works well. I have been practicing my free motion quilting, and it really is fun. I'm really glad she let me borrow it. Unfortunately, so is my dog. One of the legs fell off the extension table, and he chewed it up before I even knew he had it. Fortunately, the legs from my coverpro table are exactly the same, so I just exchanged it. I wonder where you can buy just the legs. Actually, all I need is the foot.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Your new organized fabric spot is kewl! I think when we first take the fabric out of its hiding places it amazes us how much we have...but when you open the doors of that lovely closet and can pull a piece and make something without a journey to the store...I think you will appreciate its value more!!!

p.s. A comp'd subscription is when someone from the magazine gives you a free subscription.

Anonymous said...

Looks good. I've been thinking about buying shelves of some kind for my stash as well, but I like your cabinet. What is OSH? I'm thinking I should check it out.

Nancy Winningham said...

OSH is Orchard Supply Hardware. It's kind of like Lowes or Home Depot on a much smaller scale. I really like the cabinet because I can close the doors and keep the dust out.

Maryissewfast said...

I love your new fabric nice and organized. I have shelves in the closet of my sewing studio, and I also have an insane amount of fabric, but it doesn't stop me from buying more! My machine just went in the shop today too, so my 40+ year old trusty Singer that never lets me down is in the number one spot now. I don't think they make machines as sturdy as they used to...JMHO!!! Mary

Donna W said...

I am envious of your "oh so neat" fabric shelves. Wish mine looked like that.
Donna W
Edmonton, Alberta