Monday, August 25, 2008

1945 Progress

I got to do a little sewing tonight. Last night I sewed the center back seam, and the plaid did not match at all. It took me forever to rip out black thread on this black background boucle! So tonight, I basted the back pieces(4), side seams, and shoulder seams together with yellow thread! I was expecting to have to make a lot of fit adjustments, but this seems to fit nicely across the back as it is.

I'm not sure how much room I need to leave here for the sleeves, but it seems like the armscye's are too big. Maybe I need to move the shoulder point in a bit?

Also, it seems like there may be some excess fabric just above the bust at the armscye. I usually have this problem and always feel like things would fit better if I took a dart at the arm. This has a princess seam that goes into the arm, so maybe I should take it in a little there.

What do you think?


Meg said...

Props for sewing plaids. Love 'em but I'm still not ready for the extra scrutiny they demand.

kasizzle said...

It's going to be so beautiful when you are done. I'm definitely no fitting expert, but it does look like the armhole is a little big.

Summerset said...

Did you insert the shoulder pads for these photos? The reason I ask is because at times during the 40's the shoulder pads were rather thick. It was a look popularized by Joan Crawford, but she actually had large shoulders and didn't need the shoulder pads. Everyone just imitated it. Obviously, you might not want to use thicker shoulder pads today, but if the pattern is still drafted that way, then that might be where the excess is coming from.

Overall, I like the plaid and it will be stunning when complete!

Birgitte said...

I would think you could easily take it in some at the armhole princess seam. I find this to be a problem on many patterns, and I have an average bust. If you do a FBA I can imagine this becomes even more so. I need to do similar alterations in the back armhole as well, having slightly rounded shoulders. Armhole/sleeve cap fit is now enjoying top status at my house, and so justly deserved. But boy, did it take me long to get here!

Your jacket will be stunning, and the fabric is so beautiful. Great job of the plaid matching.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Nancy .- the coat looks very good in general. Do you its second test including the shoulder and sleeves, perhaps the fault is not so pronounced. greetings, Paco