Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's just not going to work...

I would like to participate in the mini wardrobe contest at PR. This morning I decided to make my story board. THis took quite a while, especially since the pants and dress are from the July BWOF and now that the Aug issue is up, the line drawings for July are no longer up, nor are they in the archives yet. I took pictures from the magazine instead. Well, while I was doing this, I realized that my dress fabric is not going to work with my jacket. I'm so sad (boo-hoo)

I was so focused on getting a good fabric for my jacket and getting all the pieces to work together, that I totally forgot to compare the colors to my dress. From the little swatch I had, I thought the purple would work with the purple in the dress. But now that I hold the whole piece up to the dress fabric, I see that there is too much orange and that makes the purple look more violet than purple. I'm thinking it clashes with the dress fabric.

I really want to make this dress.
I really want to make this jacket. I have other fabric that I can use that will go with this dress fa bric, but not enough to make this pattern. I am committed to making this 1945 pattern since I've been avoiding it for so long. I don't know why Ive been avoiding it -- I know I will love it. I know once I make it, I will be making many more versions in different lengths, with different collars, different styling etc.



Anonymous said...

misery loves company so I am glad I am not the only one pulling their hair out over this contest. I feel like a muslin queen since I have changed my mind so many times since deciding to start.

But happiness also loves company so I hope your contest entry goes well!

Anonymous said...

I take it this means you found the jacket fabric?