Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do I have Poltergeist?

There is a lined jacket contest on PR and I have been asked to be the contest manager. I think it will be really fun. I also want to sew along with the group and have the perfect fabric in my stash. Well, I USED TO HAVE IT. I spent over 2 hours today looking for that fabric and can't find it anywhere. I had it at the beginning of summer and started to lay it out for the FSG 1945 pattern. I was short about 1/4 yard no matter how I tried to tweak it. I had ordered the fabric from Nancy Erickson and she was all out. Then, a few days later, she came across some and sold it to me. I have THAT piece, but can't find my original fabric anywhere. I opened every one of my stash boxes to see if it had been put away in the wrong box. No dice. I can't imagine what could have happened to it. It must be poltergeist. Because of course, I KNOW I last had this fabric in the dresser of my son's room. He doesn't live here any more, but sometimes comes home on weekends. I use that room to cut out fabric. I know it was there. In his dresser. In the drawer. He moved his dresser out last week. It was in a plastic bag with the pattern. I found the bag and pattern. No fabric. He never saw the fabric. Says he's never seen it in his life. They never do. Boys.
I have another fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics that I can use, but I don't have enough. Fortunately, she still has it on her website, so I'm going to order another yard tomorrow.


MarilynB said...

I totally understand what you are going through. I have a catalog of all my fabric listed by fiber then I store it by color. I was looking for a particular fabric a couple weeks ago, but just could not locate it. A few days later when I was getting another fabric, the missing one suddenly appeared. Nancy, it's there somewhere, but it just wants to play games with you for now.

Little Hunting Creek said...

I've had that happen, and tore apart the whole house looking for it. Then weeks later I found it when I was looking for something else. I agree, it is a poltergeist.

Mary said...

You might want to ask Ann to delay sending the new fabric - if your house is anything like mine, as soon as you place the order and the credit card has been accepted, that fabric will show up in some *obvious* place. Makes me so mad!