Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Few More Blocks

So, nothing seems to be easy in life these days. I wonder if it really would be good to have someone else make all important decisions for you and just be able to go with whatever has been decided. But no, life does not work that way. Decisions must always be made. Tough decisions. Decisions that affect the lives of other people. As a parent and a daughter, I have come to be in charge of all of the decisions. Thankfully I have a husband and family who support my decisions. I just wish I knew what the right ones were. Life is never as easy as we think it should be.

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On a brighter note, I have squeezed in a little time for sewing. I will be 3 weeks behind in my quilting class - missing 3 out of 6 classes. Oh well, I've learned while I've been there, and am trying to figure out a lot on my own. this week I finished 2 more sets of 4 blocks. I have lots of mistakes in my blocks, but I still think they look pretty good for a beginner. I hope I actually finish this quilt.

I really want to get back to some garment sewing. I have a couple of dresses that I want to make, plus I'm supposed to be working on my coat for the "Great Coat Sew-Along" Hmph - it's kind of hard to think about making a coat when it's 105 degrees outside. That's right - it was 105 today and it's supposed to be hotter tomorrow.

Well, here's a little off-topic tidbit: we've been having an ongoing battle with our pool since before we even went to Hawaii.

We have been battling our pool for over a month now. Believe it or not, this sudsy swamp is what our pool has looked like for the last couple of weeks! Last year we switched to a non-chlorine water system and were really happy with it. This year we got a new pump and filter. For some reason our water got out of whack and we could not get it under control. Part of the problem was an overdose of sanitizer. Every time we'd turn on the filter, our pool would get covered with a white foam and it smelled. The water was green. After dumping over $300 in chemicals into it trying to get it back in shape, we finally decided to drain it.

Now it is back to clean and clear and I'm so thankful to be able to get in it. (I'll have to take a picture tomorrow - it's dark out right now.) The worse part of 105 days is the fact that it does not cool down much at night. When it is still 85-90 at midnight, it's really hard to sleep. I'm having enough hot flashes of my own without adding that to it!


Adrienne said...

Your blocks look great. I want to try quilting but haven't done so yet.

Elaray said...

Oh, Nancy. I've often felt the same way about important decisions. I wish I could look into the future and see the consequences of my decisions so I could be sure I was making the right one. But, all we can do is pray about it, which is what I will do for you. :)

Your quilt blocks are looking good! I may try a small quilt one of these days - when I feel I have enough clothes!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're having a trying time, I didn't have to make any "daughter" decisions last year since I have 10 siblings, and all but one of them lived closer to Dad than I did, but the distance brought other complications.
I can so relate to the hot temperatures (Phoenix), but don't you have A/C?

Birgitte said...

I understand about decisions. You are a lovely, warm, generous person, and I'm certain people around you feel grateful and fortunate that you are there to make them.

We had a similar-actually worse- problem with our pool. We also finally drained it and will re-paint. We had algae growing in the chipped paint. Yuck!!

Your blocks look so good! Yes, you have to finish this quilt!

Summerset said...

Hugs to you - sometimes it is harder being the child!

Your quilt blocks look great - love the red!