Wednesday, June 04, 2008

No Muu-muus!

Yes, I'm going to Maui - NO I do NOT want to look like I'm wearing a muu-muu. Right now, that's about what this dress looks like to me. I think the big thing is that I did not put the vertical darts in the front (after all, the pattern did not call for them) but OMG! Want to gain 20 pounds fast? Wear this dress and you will look like you have! I'm hoping the vertical darts will fix that problem, after all, the last one looked good, right? I am loving this fabric, though. It is soft and the crinkle kind of gives it a knit-like quality. Which, taking that into consideration, maybe I should have taken some ease out of the pattern. Well, if the darts don't do the trick, I can always take it in a little in the side seams at the waist as well.

I used prepackaged binding to bind the neck, but it is too stiff. The problem with premade bias strips, is that they are usually made from a poly cotton blend. The polyester makes them stiff, in my opinion. I decided to use silk organza to bind the armholes, but the problem with that is that while it is less stiff, it is also scratchy. I'm hoping with a couple of washings, they will soften up.

I did the hem with my serger using wooly nylon in the upper looper and setting it for a rolled hem. I did increase the stitch length slightly from what I usually use on a rolled hem, because I wanted to be able to crinkle it again. I basically just crinkled it in my hand and steamed it and squished it a few times. I like the way it turned out.

Well, I go back to work tomorrow. I wanted to see my students on the last day of school. Tomorrow is a teacher work day, which I would have to do anyway, so I might as well get paid for going. Of course, since I'll be at work the next two days, major issues have come up with my father and I really need to be with him. Fortunately, my brother will be able to spend some extra time there the next two days, and we had a big conference today with the hospice nurse, social worker, facility owner, my brother and myself. I was pleased with the plan we came up with at the end of the meeting - too bad it took that many people and 2 hours of meeting to come up with a good plan. Now I won't be there when the plan is implemented, but I will definitely be going after work to see how he's doing. I don't see this getting any easier in the next few weeks (months?), but the main thing is that he is in the right place and we are there for him.


Kitty Couture said...

You look beautiful in your dress!
I know what you mean though, about the muu-muu feeling. You absolutely don't look fat in this though - your arms and legs are too slender to leave anyone in doubt. But I do know this can still make *you* uncomfortable.
As you said, with darts and a little tapering at the waist, you should be able to fix this very easily!

(what pattern is this, BTW?)

LauraLo said...

It is a lovely dress although it would look better with a bit of tapering. Re the pre-made tape, I always prewash mine and use a lot of fabric softener. This usually makes it perfect to use.

Summerset said...

You certainly look ready for Hawaii in your pretty dress and jacket! I understand about that style, I think I'd want something a bit more fitted, too. How about a self-fabric tie-on belt? That would pull it in at the waist. A woven brown leather belt might look good, too.

Yes, isn't always when you get the busiest things happen and you're needed elsewhere? Sounds like things are working out for your dad!

cidell said...

I like it with the jacket, but without it's not the most flattering look on you. But, I really like the two together!

Erica Bunker said...

Very cute dress, but I agree, the darts would really be better. I love it with the jacket.

Claire said...

I like the color of the dress and it looks good with the jacket. You do look ready for Hawaii.
I agree with taking it in/darts or adding a belt to show off your slim figure.
LauraLo gave a good tip on softening up the packaged binding. I will make note of that.

Birgitte said...

Beautiful fabric, but you need to show off your good figure! Think the darts will help; it looks great with the jacket.

Maureen said...

It definitely looks great with the hot will it be in Hawaii?

...or just wear it at night!

Anonymous said...

You could always add a belt and no more muu muu feeling. It is a really pretty dress though, a good color on you. Have a great time in Maui.