Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sleeveless blouse Collar Tips

Collar Here are some tips on the collar. First of all, make sure that you cut the collar on the fold - on the bias. I didn't understand the fold and cut 2. Fortunately I had enough fabric left over to do it again.
First of all, there is a notch about 1-2" away from the left shoulder seam on the front of the bodice. clip this all the way to the seamline and turn it under from the clip to the shoulder. I turned it under 2x to have a clean finished edge. Stitch this down. You now have a very small section of the neck finished.
Mark the CF, CB, #2(shoulder seam) and fold marks on the collar piece. Pin the collar onto the neck (just one side of the collar) right sides together, matching CF and CB. You should have a short end left over on the front, and a long end left over on the back. Fold these ends on the lengthwise fold and stitch the short end and the under part right sides together to finish off these "ties". Now, fold under the seam allowance of the unattached part of the collar, and pin it to the inside of the neck edge, enclosing all the raw edges. Stitch this down close to the edge. Now everything should look finished except that you have two ends sticking out over the left shoulder.

If this picture won't enlarge, try this link

On the short end, fold the finished edge back to the inside on the fold line that you marked earlier. sew along the edge creating something like a casing. The other end of the tie will go through this "tube" Take a needle and double thread and make a running stitch down the middle of this casing on the underside only. Pull your stitches tight to gather up this inside of the casing. tie a knot to hold it in. Insert the other end of the tie through this loop that you just made.
If you are making this top and have any questions, please feel free to PM me. I didn't take any pictures while I was doing this because I didn't think it would show up well on my fabric. It really helped me to make a mock-up on scrap fabric to figure this out.


Jillian said...

Thanks for the tips. I really like your version of this top and I was planning on attempting it myself sometime soon but was totally confused by the instructions!

AllisonC said...

Thank you Nancy for taking the time to add the tips, both here and on PR - you're a star! I'll have another go at this pattern this weekend.