Friday, February 01, 2008

Awesome Day

Today was one of those days that reminds me of why I like teaching (I do have to keep reminding myself.) We had a field trip to SCI CON which is a science and conservation camp outside of Springville. It is beautiful there. Our sixth graders get to go for a a week, and when I taught sixth grade, it was definitely the highlight of the year - both for the students and for me. In fifth grade, we only get to go for a half a day. Well, it would be a full day, but because of our bus system (and tight-fisted district) we have to be back by 1:45, which means we have to leave SciCon by 12:30. Nevertheless, it is always a beautiful day (no matter what the weather) when we get to go to Scicon. We were lucky today that it did not rain, but it was FREEZING all day.

On the sewing side, I have finished the first two garments for the timmel SWAP. I am keeping a separate blog for that swap so that I can keep all the information regarding the swap together.

What am I doing as far as sewing goes? Well, it's been feeling like NOTHING lately, so I'm glad I got the two tops finished. In addition to the Timmel Swap, I am considering doing the PR wardrobe contest and using some of the same garments for both.

I am also enrolled in the Build A Better Blouse class with Shannon Gifford over at PR. That starts on the 10th. I will be using the blouse I make during that for my SWAP instead of the BWOF blouse I originally planned. I may do both just to see which I like best.

I'm really excited about PR Westcoast weekend coming up in March. I think there are over 40 people coming now. It is going to be so fun to get to actually meet some of my friends from out here in blogland and PR as well as some new folks. Susan Khalje will be there and I am signed up to take a hand sewing couture stitches class from her. I think that will really be nice. I am also going to be Cidell's watchdog and try to keep her from blowing her budget! LOL

I also have some UFO's lying around in my sewing room for the first time. I nornally don't do that, but I think they are good indicators of the sewing frustration I've been having lately. I have an unfinished jacket from the stitch and flip class that I'd really like to finish. I also have a pair of brown pants that have one leg hemmed, but I have to take out the side seams because they are too tight and make me look like one of those cartoon characters with the hips about 4 times the size of the rest of the body. If it weren't so pitiful it would be hilarious. And, of course, I have about 4 muslins and pattern pieces for the Simplicity dress that still is on the back burner.

I hope I actually get some more sewing done this weekend. We're going to some friends for Super Bowl on Sunday and since I'm not really a football fan, I may take the jacket and try to finish it by hand. And speaking of hands, look what we got to hold today.


Summerset said...

What a cool field trip! Too bad it was short, but at least you got to go.

cidell said...

Yes, yes. Watch me. I also signed up for the Khalje class. I've got my muslin cut for the blouse class too. I'm going to work on it today.

Also wanted to say you've been taking some GORGEOUS photos. The Hawaii shots were amazing and your last two posts take me breath away.