Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting to the blouse

I spent most of my day today working on my blouse muslin. After transferring the changes from my first muslin onto the pattern pieces, and then sewing it up, I can see that I still have some issues. First of all , the front is just too tight. I think I made the mistake somewhere in the front facing. Oh well, I'm adding 1" to each of the fronts, near the CF, and that should take care of it. I also sewed in the sleeves this time, and they were way to tight. So, I took one of the sleeves and added a 1" strip of fabric right down the middle and that seemed to take care of it. I'm pretty satisfied with the fit now, and so I cut out the fabric today. I've decided to use a light green cotton oxford cloth that I picked up at JoAnns. I really like the feel of this fabric and may buy some more in a different color. I re-read my lessons from the Build a Better Blouse class (I'm WAY behind) and did sew the collar. At last I feel like I finally have something done!

I also made a pair of pants this weekend. It is from an old Simplicity OOP pattern. I don't have any pictures, but I just wanted some simple pull on pants and this was the only pattern I had. I checked the ease using Sandra Betzina's Fast Fit book, and found that I could get by cutting out at 14 instead of my usual 16 for my big ol 40" hips. Well, I should have cut the 12 because I ended up taking them in about an inch on each side seam and I cut off almost 2" from the top of the waist! They look OK, but the fit isn't the greatest. That's OK, they're comfortable and definitely wearable. It's not like I'm going to be tucking in any shirts with these!

I think I've been on a pattern buying spree lately. First I ordered 2 patterns from Hot Patterns, which came yesterday in the mail

I have been wanting to make a pair of jeans, so these might be the ones. And I remember body suits from my highschool days. I loved them then, I think I would love them now. I hate when shirts work their way up where they don't belong. I don't know how I'll like the boy short leg cut, but we'll see.

THen, JoAnns had their Vogue Patterns sale. I decided to buy a few.

I think I got another one too, but I can't remember which one it was. I think another of the Claire Shaeffer jackets.

Now - to actually get some sewing done. I've been pretty busy (and preoccupied) trying to get things taken care of for my dad. He is getting worse and is seeing things that are not there. We took him to the doctor, and he told my dad that he cannot live alone anymore. I don't know if it really sunk in, but my brother and I are taking him to look at some assisted living places on Tuesday. We also are going to the welfare office (that should pretty much eat up our day) to get him signed up for Medical. Don't even get me started on the welfare office! Does it make sense to wait in line in that place for a couple of hours just to get some forms that you will then have to take home, fill out, and then return to wait for more hours upon hours to turn them in????!!! Well, they open at 7:30 am. I plan on being there at 7:00!


cidell said...

Oh great. ALL I did this weekend was make the collar too. I'm skipping the cuff treatment just so I can catch up!

Anonymous said...

I finally got some sewing done this weekend---the HotPatterns Jeanious Jeans! (I've been on a pattern buying instead of sewing spree.) Well, the back half of them... So far, this is looking like a pretty excellent pattern.

Anonymous said...

that jeans patterns look so good, I've never tried Hot patterns before, I will love to see you sew that up

Dawn said...

I want to see the Hot Patterns jeans in action too. I have been thinking about this pattern so I'm excited to see if you like them.