Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Style Check

If you haven't checked out the BBC What Not to Wear website, you really should. The have some fun tools to play around with like a style barometer, What TO wear, style guide, and more. If you've ever seen the BBC show, you know that they're a lot more "down to earth" shall we say, that the US version. Though I love watching Stacy and Clinton, I'll never have that VISA card they give nor the High end stores to shop in. After all, this is rural America where I live. High end shopping in Visalia is Penny's and Gottschalks. (I know, I never heard of it either until I moved here) Isn't the Internet wonderful? We have everything at our fingertips - except for that darned VISA card. Will someone PLEASE nominate me to Stacy and Clinton???

I've been trying to work out a wardrobe plan for fall/winter and think I'm going to end up doing a couple of smaller wardrobe plans because what I have so far is this:

The Grays plus burgundy/eggplant
gray wool for jacket and pants
black and white mini houndstooth for jacket and pants
burgundy wool for skirt
charcoal knit for dress and cardigan
"Latte tweed" for jacket - grays and tans
several knits that will go with this

The Greens

Black and Green tweed/boucle for jacket
Dark olive green wool for cape
olive and tan tweed for skirt (this olive is so subdued it would go with gray)
A green and black mini plaid cotton for a dress

The Blues
Navy wool gab for swing coat
navy wool crepe for jumper/dress (the one pictured at the top)
cornflower wool crepe for yoked jacket and pencil skirt
(Plus I already have navy slackes and wool blazer.)

I'm still going through my stash binder to see what will go with these combinations. I'm also pulling patterns so that I can have a plan.

THe weather started getting cooler today. I don't think it even reached 80. Still not cool enough to wear my wool jacket yet! I have been working on a blouse and am anxious to see how it will turn out. I've made this before out of cotton, but this is a poly silky and I'm adding satin trim to the sleeves and neckline. I think I'll be able to finish it this weekend


Peggy said...

You don't even come close to qualifying for Stacy and Clinton! I'm in awe of the beautiful things you made and wear! I'm usually a lurker who really enjoys your blog.

renee said...

Now Nancy. You cannot go on WNTW. You have an amazing wardrobe in gorgeous colors. If you go on WNTW, I will fly to CA and call you out on TLC.

When you do that BWOF jacket, are you going to do the same level of interfacing as you did for your wool jacket for structure?

Anonymous said...

I think several smaller plans with the color themes is a great idea! You can always drive over to Fresno for 'fancy' shopping :) by the way :)

Nancy Winningham said...

On the turquoise jacket, I underlined the whole thing with a fusible because it was a fairly loose weave. On this one, the wool is more tightly woven. I may underline the front only and use a tailors weft for the collar and lapels.

julia said...

Nancy, I agree. WNTW opportunities should be left for those of us who truly have no sense of style - you do NOT qualify!

I'm always amazed at how much you get done. Your plans look great and your finished wardrobe will look even better.

Nancy Winningham said...

You guys crack me up! Thanks for all the votes of confidence. It was actually cool here this evening and I got to wear my turquoise jacket at a CTA dinner I went to . The speaker was fabulous by the way.

Christina said...

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for your comment; I've been stalking your blog for a while! Talk to you later :)

Maureen said...

Check out my blog Nancy, you've been 'tagged'!